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Accountable Leadership On-Site Training

presented by PTR Training
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This powerful one-day class will lay it all out in terms you can understand

Workshop Description/Agenda

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Standard Times:
Classroom Training
1 day
Managers and Supervisors
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Once it was enough to get the job done and sign off on it. Moving into the global arena, that’s no longer good enough. At every level, today’s managers and staff must take command of every task, process and protocol. This powerful one-day class will lay it all out in terms you can understand.

Learning Objectives

  • Make decisions more confidently, with less hesitation.
  • Apply higher levels of thought to an organizational perspective.
  • Create a formula for following up – at all levels, for all tasks.
  • Better anticipate the impacts of actions, and non-actions.
  • Anticipate bottlenecks, barriers and other problems when doing business in a multi-national, multi-cultural arena.
  • Take the blinders off when evaluating personal and corporate business practices.
  • Embrace change as a tool for success

Course Agenda

  1. Identify the differences between leading and supervising.
  2. Apply self-regulation in leadership.
  3. Examine cognitive skills and apply them to projects and processes.
  4. Examine the model for effective communication.
  5. Actively listen and assertively communicate.
  6. Analyze and assign proper job responsibilities.
  7. Learn how to delegate effectively.
  8. Examine the warning signs of over-commitment and under-delivery.
  9. Identify the four stages of change and learn how to manage them.
  10. Apply the Pyramid of Influence
  11. Examine methods for influencing performance.
  12. Avoid common mistakes of failed influence.
  13. Apply positive persuasion tactics.
  14. Anticipate and encourage differing perspectives.
  15. Develop the authority to change behavior.
  16. Communicate high expectations.
  17. Generate trust with employees.
  18. Complete actions, promises and follow up obligations.
  19. Apply the Commander's Toolbox for taking ownership.
  20. Institute long-term performance using the 4 levels of commitment.

Who Should Attend

Managers and Supervisors

Additional Information

Training Provider: PTR Training

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Leadership Skills

Training Course Summary: This powerful one-day class will lay it all out in terms you can understand

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