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The Dynamics of Effective Management Leadership On-Site Training

presented by TrainersDirect
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A comprehensive 3-day seminar on effective leadership

Workshop Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days 
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Management and Leadership Fundamentals

  • Identify the qualities of effective leaders
  • Learn the difference between leading and managing
  • Understand the function of management at preparation, development, personnel, leadership, and evaluation
  • Understand the relationships between dignity, credibility, trust, and effectiveness
  • Learn how to lead effectively in a changing environment
  • Introduce a 360º feedback process
Stress Management
  • Learn how stress is affecting the person, and his/her effectiveness and productivity
  • Introduce the Coping Stress Profile
  • Analyze coping strengths
  • Improve coping strengths
  • Learn to minimize or eliminate common daily stressors
Team Development
  • Explore the importance of teamwork
  • Understand the qualities of a successful team
  • Learn the functions of team members
  • Understand the stages of team development
  • Participate in a team building simulation "The Subarctic Survival Situation™"
Action Planning
  • To set goals for implementation of the strategies and concepts of the workshop for improved managerial and leadership effectiveness
Communication Styles

The DISC™ Personal Profile System, a learning tool to explore and identify behavioral tendencies:

  • Discern behavioral strengths of others
  • Value the strengths of personal behavior on others
  • Managing effectively
  • Communicate for increased understanding
Introduction to Situational Leadership II (Situational Leadership®II”, is a registered trademark of The Ken Blanchard Companies. The content in our course is an introduction to the SLII process. If you are interested in conducting the full SLII program please let us know.) 
  • Learn the four styles of leadership
    • Directing
    • Coaching
    • Supporting
    • Delegating
  • Increase flexibility in using each style appropriately
  • Diagnose follower development levels by analyzing follower competence and commitment
  • Understand the short and long-term effects of "over-supervision" and "under-supervision" on follower performance and morale
  • Use the skills of Situational Leadership to develop follower competence and commitment
  • To use the Management Action Planner, a tool for implementing DISC™ and  Situational Leadership II concepts
  • Learn the six-step process for effective delegation
  • Understand the responsibilities of management in the delegation process
  • Implement a system for delegation using the Delegation Audit
Priority Management
  • Develop a system for setting priorities
  • Learn how to prioritize activities
  • Handle changing priorities
  • Time Mastery Profile

Action Planning

  • To set goals for implementation of the strategies and concepts of the workshop for improved managerial and leadership effectiveness
  • Explore the motivational theories of Maslow and Herzberg
  • Learn the four primary motivators
    • Interesting Work
    • Appreciation
    • Feeling "In"
    • Growth
  • Develop strategies for improving motivation
360º Feedback
  • Review the results of the feedback process
  • Set goals for improved management effectiveness
  • Understand coaching fundamentals and guidelines for giving feedback
    • Dignity
    • Respect
    • Clarity
    • Dialogue
  • Learn the four-step model for coaching effectiveness
  • Use the Action-Results Dialogue to monitor performance and give feedback
Listening Skills and Conflict Management
  • Learn the impact of nonverbal, attending behaviors
  • Understand the difference between active and passive hearing
  • Practice active listening
  • Learn a method for managing conflicts
  • Understand the difference between aggressive, assertive, passive, and passive-aggressive behaviors
Action Planning
  • To set goals for implementation of the strategies and concepts of the workshop for improved managerial and leadership effectiveness

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to grow his/her leadership capabilities

Additional Information

Training Provider: TrainersDirect

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Leadership Skills

Training Course Summary: A comprehensive 3-day seminar on effective leadership

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