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Project Management for the Accidental Project Manager On-Site Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars
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Essential skills and sanity-saving tips for when you suddenly find yourself in the role of project manager.

Workshop Description/Agenda

“How’s that project coming along?”

Your boss increasingly relies on you for updates on your team’s progress on projects. You scramble to collect details and assure him that everything’s on schedule. But is it? And when did it become your responsibility to get your teammates, co-workers and even outside vendors to kick it in gear? Congratulations! You’re an accidental project manager.

Having your finger on the pulse of projects is an accomplishment! Welcome to the world of triple constraints … project charters … stakeholder buy-in … PERT, Gantt and CPM charts … team skills inventories … and much more.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t worry—we’ll explain everything!

Driving projects forward—past snags, unhurried teammates and clients who want it NOW—is a lot of added responsibility and pressure. And it takes confident handling.

There’s no shortage of courses and books on project management. But sifting through all the details takes time. This one-day seminar is packed with best practices and real-world techniques—the things that will make the most difference in planning, managing and completing projects. Sign up today!

You’ll learn …

  • Essential parts of a thorough, realistic project plan
  • How to empower and motivate your project team (with or without formal authority)
  • Taking the stress out of handling management and powerful stakeholders
  • How (and why) to anticipate project risks and bottlenecks
  • And more project management tips and tricks you can put into play immediately

Program hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Aligning and initiating projects: Set yourself up for success

  • So you’ve been asked to lead a project (or have you?)—the key features that distinguish regular or routine work from a project
  • The role self-efficacy plays in your project management success
  • The powerful cornerstone of a people-oriented approach to project management
  • Distinguishing between project management and other types of management
  • The keys to successfully aligning your project: Business case, charter and stakeholders
  • Using your charter as a living document
  • Making the business case effectively to get stakeholder buy-in

A quality project plan: Stacking the cards in your favor

  • The purpose of planning—and barriers to good planning
  • The key components that your leader(s) and stakeholders want from your plan
  • Recognizing and balancing the triple constraints you face on every project
  • What is a work breakdown structure (WBS), and how do you create one?
  • Identifying, developing and prioritizing project tasks
  • PERT and CPM: Critical project scheduling tools
  • Risk planning to anticipate—and avoid—possible roadblocks

Project execution: The art of project control and stakeholder management

  • Understanding and eliminating the 7 types of waste identified in Lean Manufacturing
  • Realizing stakeholder roles even when no formal roles exist in your project
  • How a skills inventory will help you identify potential team members
  • Developing an effective communication plan and psychological contract with team members
  • The importance of structured reports and the level of detail that’s required
  • What written reports can and cannot tell you
  • Assertiveness: How to ask for what you need and get it

Closing projects and building on lessons learned

  • 15 “to-do’s” that ensure your project is fully completed
  • How to accurately measure your project’s outcome
  • Capturing full value: Lessons to make your next project even better
  • Questions to ask about your own project management performance
  • You’ve managed a project—now what?

Who Should Attend

Anyone who must manage a project, even if you aren't a project manager!

Additional Information

Training Provider: SkillPath Seminars

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Project Management

Training Course Summary: Essential skills and sanity-saving tips for when you suddenly find yourself in the role of project manager.

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