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Contracts/Negotiations On-Site Training

View courses available for on-site delivery from our Contracts/Negotiations Trainers

Advanced Purchasing & Supply Management Techniques (TrainersDirect)

This workshop will address critical management concerns, providing you with vital information and the practical techniques needed to enhance the purchasing function's contribution to your organization's bottom line

Contract Origination and Management (PTR Training)

In this interactive program, you will learn the process of active monitoring and control of the relationship between the contractor and the buyer.

Effective Purchasing Negotiations (TrainersDirect)

This is a comprehensive workshop designed to give you a full repertoire of skills for effective negotiating, even in an international context

Essentials of Purchasing (TrainersDirect)

This is a fast-paced, one-day seminar which is packed with useful information, from the basics of purchasing to the finer points of price/cost analysis

Fundamentals of Competitive Procurement (PTR Training)

In this course, you will learn competitive procurement standards and practices. You will learn how to write and process a request for proposal.

Fundamentals of International Purchasing (TrainersDirect)

This fast-paced seminar is packed with useful information, from the basics of purchasing to the finest points of shaving costs

Fundamentals of Purchasing (TrainersDirect)

This intensive, hands-on seminar will arm you with the skills you need to influence that profit or gross revenue margin in a positive manner

How to Purchase Effectively: Applying Practical Steps from Start to Finish (TrainersDirect)

Whether you are starting from scratch, setting up the purchasing function for your company, or are ready to fine-tune your operation, you'll get the guidance you need in this seminar

Legal Aspects of Purchasing (TrainersDirect)

Let a qualified lawyer with extensive procurement experience lead you, step by step, through the maze of contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code

Maximizing Purchasing Power (TrainersDirect)

This highly concentrated seminar focuses on price, cost, "should cost," life cycle costing, and total cost of ownership analysis theories in the choice of goods and services

Negotiating For Purchasing And Procurement (Fathom Corporate Training)

This negotiation training workshop will help purchasing and procurement managers build the skills necessary to drive better results to the organizations bottom line.

Purchasing Negotiations Planning Skills (TrainersDirect)

You'll get a working knowledge of several basic negotiating skills, techniques, strategies, and planning tools to achieve a win-win solution in a variety of situations—even against a highly-trained seller.

Strategic Planning from a Purchasing & Supply Management Perspective (TrainersDirect)

This intensive executive briefing will address the specific ways your purchasing and supply management function can become a key contributor to your organization's bottom line

Understanding Purchasing & Supply Contracts: Formulation, Terms & Conditons (TrainersDirect)

In this workshop, you will have the chance, through interactive small group sessions, to explore applications involving contracts, clauses and provisions, and their purposes.

Understanding the Legal Aspects of Purchasing (TrainersDirect)

you will learn all of the practical subtleties of purchasing contracts, steps you can take to protect your organization from expensive liability, how to provide remedies if contract terms are not met, and how to ensure the quality of goods and services legally.

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