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LAW - Trial Practice Seminars, Webinars and Training Providers

Seminars / Courses

Building Your Civil Litigation Skills (2 dates/locations)
Civil Trial From Start to Finish (5 dates/locations)
Civil Trial: Everything You Need to Know (1 dates/locations)
Hearsay, Email, Business Records and Social Media - in the Trenches! (2 dates/locations)
How to Get Your Social Media, Email and Text Evidence Admitted (and Keep Theirs Out) (6 dates/locations)
How to Get Your Social Media, Email and Text Evidence Admitted (and Keep Theirs Out) (2 dates/locations)
How to Lay a Foundation to Get Your Evidence Introduced (1 dates/locations)
Litigating Civil Cases From Start to Finish (2 dates/locations)
The Rules of Evidence: A Practical Toolkit (7 dates/locations)
Top 10 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid (1 dates/locations)
Top Trial Strategies the Pros Use to Win Their Case (1 dates/locations)
Voir Dire and Jury Selection (3 dates/locations)

Audio Conferences / Teleseminars

23 Trial Tactics Every Litigator Should Know (1 dates/locations)
Authenticating Social Media and Email Evidence (1 dates/locations)
Mastering Motions in Limine in Civil Litigation (1 dates/locations)
To Shred or Not to Shred? Record Destruction Policies (1 dates/locations)

Live Webinars

Advanced Civil Trial Practice (1 dates/locations)
Civil Trial Boot Camp (1 dates/locations)
Everything You Don't Know About E-Discovery (But Wish You Did) (1 dates/locations)
Expert Witness Depositions and Cross-Examination: The Ultimate Toolkit (1 dates/locations)
Getting Emails, Texts and Social Media Posts Admitted: Advanced Evidence How-to's (1 dates/locations)
Jury Trials 101: A How-to Guide (1 dates/locations)
Top 30 Trial Mistakes Made by Attorneys (1 dates/locations)
Voir Dire and Jury Selection: Essential Strategies (1 dates/locations)

On-Demand Webinars

Applying the Rules of Civil Procedure in Louisiana

PTR Training On-Site Training Options

Our featured training provider, PTR Training has dozens of highly sough after curricula delivered on-site at your organization. If you have 10 or more people to be trained together, review the impressive array of classes available from PTR Training.


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