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HR MANAGEMENT - Labor/Employment Law Seminars, Webinars and Training Providers

Seminars / Courses

Indiana Employment Law (2 dates/locations)
Mini Law School for HR Professionals (1 dates/locations)
New York City Employment Law (1 dates/locations)
The Human Resource Manager: Essential Skills for Everyday Issues (2 dates/locations)

Audio Conferences / Teleseminars

Toxic Employees: How You Must Handle Them (1 dates/locations)
Workplace Sexual Harassment: How to Respond (1 dates/locations)

Live Webinars

2018 Employment Law Update (1 dates/locations)
Background Screening: How to Navigate the Compliance Wilderness (1 dates/locations)
Mastering the Basics of Employment Law (1 dates/locations)
Sexual Harassment Training Guide (1 dates/locations)
Updating Your Employee Handbook to Comply With New Laws in 2018 (1 dates/locations)
Using Medical Experts in Determining Leave Under ADA and FMLA (1 dates/locations)

On-Demand Webinars

10 New Tips for Managing FMLA Leave
2018 Employment Law Update
7 Questions to Ask When Establishing Cause for Disciplining and Terminating Employees
Advanced FMLA: Issues and Solutions
Advanced Issues in New York Paid Family Leave Law
California Employment Law Update: New Changes and How They Impact Your Business
California Leave Law
California Sexual Harassment Under AB1825
California's New Marijuana Law: How Does It Impact Employers?
Combating and Avoiding Insider Threats
Common Misconceptions in HR
Discrimination and Human Rights in Missouri
Diversity in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Environment
Document Retention and Destruction: What HR Professionals Must Know
EEO-1 Form Reporting for 2018 and Trends in OFCCP Compliance
Electronic Record Retention: Mistakes HR Professionals Can Avoid
Employee Write-Ups: Do's and Don'ts for Documenting Employee Performance
Employment Law Update in Alabama
Employment Law Update in Arkansas
Employment Law Update in Colorado
Employment Law Update in Florida
Employment Law Update in Illinois
Employment Law Update in Mississippi
Employment Law Update in New York
Final Rule on Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors
FMLA Extension: When 12 Weeks Is Not Enough
Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification
I-9, E-Verify, EAD and Compliance Updates
Intermittent Leave Under FMLA: An Employer's Headache
Is Your Sick Leave Policy up to Snuff (Not Snuffles) for the Flu Season?
Issues Surrounding the OFCCP's Internet Applicant Rules
Legal Obligations and Liabilities When Employees Engage in Strikes, Protests and Absenteeism
LGBT and Sexual Orientation Compliance Procedures Under Title VII
Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and Equal Pay Act - New Requirements on Employers
Merging Global and Local U.S. HR Functions and Outsourcing Initiatives
Michigan Employment Law Update
Nepotism: Policies and Procedures for Hiring Relatives and Friends in the Workplace
New Marijuana Law Update in Florida
Paid Sick Leave Update: Policies and Procedures in an Evolving Workplace
Properly Handling Employee Discrimination Claims
Religious Accommodations in the Workplace
Responding to Negative Employee Comments on the Web
Right to Work Laws in Texas
Service Animals in the Workplace: What You Need to Know
Sexual Harassment Investigation
Sexual Harassment Training Guide
Successful Employee Orientation Programs
The Four Levels of Evaluation Training
Train the Trainer Model: Tips and Tricks for Running Successful Training Sessions
Trends Forecast for HR Professionals
Updating Your Employee Handbook to Comply With New Laws in 2018
Utilizing a Travel Policy to Control Travel Costs
Vacation Policies: When Employees Work on Vacation

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