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LAW - Asset Protection/Estate Planning Seminars, Webinars and Training Providers

Seminars / Courses

Estate Planning and Administration: The Complete Guide (2 dates/locations)
Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers (2 dates/locations)
Estate Planning from A to Z (9 dates/locations)
Estate Planning: The Ultimate Guide (4 dates/locations)
Estate Planning: Top 7 Tools to Know (6 dates/locations)
How to Use Trusts to... (2 dates/locations)
How to Use Trusts to… (1 dates/locations)
Step-by-Step Guide to Drafting Wills and Trusts (8 dates/locations)
Trusts 101 (11 dates/locations)
Trusts From A to Z (5 dates/locations)
Trusts: The Ultimate Guide (4 dates/locations)
Wills and Trusts 101 (4 dates/locations)

Audio Conferences / Teleseminars

Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers: New Rules and Top Challenges (1 dates/locations)
Estate Planning: New Laws That Make Old Tools Obsolete (1 dates/locations)
IRA Distributions in Estate Planning: Trusts as Beneficiaries (1 dates/locations)
LLCs in Estate Planning (1 dates/locations)

Live Webinars

Basics of Trust Administration (1 dates/locations)
Conservation Easement Transactions From A to Z (1 dates/locations)
Drafting IRA Trusts (1 dates/locations)
Drafting Trusts in Estate Planning (1 dates/locations)
Form 706: Estate Tax Return Fundamentals (1 dates/locations)
Grantor Trust Liabilities: An Income Tax Analysis (1 dates/locations)
Inherited IRAs in Estate Planning (1 dates/locations)
IRA Trusts: Planning for Tax Benefits and Consequences (1 dates/locations)
Private Placements: The Ultimate Guide (1 dates/locations)
Special Needs Trusts: New Rules (1 dates/locations)
Special Needs Trusts: New Rules and Planning Strategies (1 dates/locations)
Tax Fundamentals of Estate Planning (1 dates/locations)
TRUSTS: Changes Under the New Tax Rules (1 dates/locations)
Wills: The Ultimate Guide (1 dates/locations)

On-Demand Webinars

Basics of Trust Administration
Estate and Gift Tax Audits
Legal and Ethical Challenges in Assessing Your Client's Mental Capacity
Medicaid Eligibility and Estate Recovery: Estate Planning Techniques
The Role of Lifetime Gifts in Estate Planning

PTR Training On-Site Training Options

Our featured training provider, PTR Training has dozens of highly sough after curricula delivered on-site at your organization. If you have 10 or more people to be trained together, review the impressive array of classes available from PTR Training.


Popular Training Providers