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Two-Day Digital Marketing Boot Camp LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

This workshop shows you how to build an effective digital marketing strategy and increase your visibility in an extremely competitive landscape.

Full Description

Times have changed. The traditional marketing methods are rapidly becoming outdated and, sometimes, obsolete. Today’s ever-changing digital world presents new opportunities (and challenges) to effectively target prospective and current customers.

With PPC, SEO, email, social marketing, retargeting, Google Analytics and more—it can seem overwhelming. If you’re like most marketers, you’ve been living and learning through the school of hard knocks.

With a strategic online digital marketing plan, you can keep your organization ahead of the game—without the stressful cost of learning by trial and error. Digital Marketing Boot Camp shows you how to build an effective digital marketing strategy and increase your visibility in an extremely competitive landscape. We’ll show you how to reach your target audience online and interact with them in a more hands-on, integrated approach than ever before.

Get the solutions and real-world strategies you need to take control of digital platforms and make them work successfully for your organization. Your campaigns will be more accessible. They will be more targeted. And most of all, they will increase your overall ROI. Register today.

What You Will Learn

  • What social media sites give you the most marketing traction and how to use them
  • How to create appropriate and relevant content
  • Successful techniques to engage mobile users
  • Ways to refine new strategies while fine-tuning your existing plans
  • And much more!


Program time: 3 hours each day (6 hours total)


Session 1: Digital Marketing Review

  • A refresher on digital marketing channels
  • The difference between traditional marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing and how to blend them for a cohesive campaign
  • Using Engagement Engineering with your digital strategies
  • Digital marketing lessons from the innovators and how you can get a great return on your involvement

Session 2: Crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • The how-to’s of creating a digital marketing strategy
  • A simple one-page plan that will get you started
  • Learn a simple equation to help you draft multiple digital strategies across all your digital channels
  • Learn ways to identify and achieve your top goals: Brand awareness, lead generation, sales, customer retention, upselling/cross-selling
  • Easily refine new and existing strategies

Session 3: Auditing Your Strategies for Impact

  • Performing a digital marketing audit
  • Your content audit: Sort, tag, store and share your best content
  • Performing a team audit: Define the team and their tasks with an easy-to-read chart that will make delegating simple
  • Your CIO (chief information officer): His or her role and responsibilities

Session 4: Using Content and Social Marketing in Your Digital Marketing

  • Creating content: How to curate content and the tools that simplify the process
  • Your team, content collaboration and the social channels designed to help you work together
  • Social listening: Why it’s important and how to use it to create needs-based content
  • A Follow Chart: A simple tool to help you monitor your key industry players
  • Balancing your publishing/production/posting schedule for maximum impact
  • Hashtags: What they are and how to use them to create a cohesive online presence
  • Don’t create new content until you’ve utilized the old—use the three Rs: Repurpose, repackage and redeliver
  • How to use visual marketing (pictures and videos) to build your online digital brand


Session 1: Key Digital Marketing Tactics That Drive Results

  • Mobile marketing: Learn the must-have mindset you need to succeed in the digital world
  • Engage your mobile users with location-based ad targeting
  • How to increase the open rate and effectiveness of your email campaigns
  • Tips and tricks for turning email subscribers into social fans
  • Text messaging: Keep your products on the top of people’s minds with SMS and MMS, text and multimedia messaging
  • Discover the natural link between mobile, your Web site and lead generation
  • The path to success: Create a flowchart that maps out the sales funnel to your information
  • Sample campaigns: Winners, losers and campaigns to model

Session 2: Digital Media Optimization

  • The art and science of digital media optimization
  • An in-depth look at search engines: Who are they, what are they and how do you write for them?
  • How to use SEO to drive traffic to your Web site and social media channels
  • Social media optimization: Which social media sites give you the most marketing traction?
  • An in-depth look at the major digital marketing channels: Email, Web sites and pay-per-click
  • Online tools to make your team less stressed and more productive
  • Segmentation strategies for digital marketing—made easy
  • Understanding retargeting and display ads, including benchmarks and dos and don’ts
  • Using channels—and hashtags—to build a social community
  • Cross-promotion strategies that achieve your goals
  • The anatomy of a successful post: An evaluation chart on the effectiveness of your posts

Session 3: Understanding Your Numbers: Tracking and Trending

  • A review of privacy legislation and how it impacts your efforts
  • Delve into Google Analytics™ to better understand which posts and pages are resonating with your audience
  • Understanding cookies and their impact on digital marketing
  • Your numbers now and how increasing them will generate more social capital
  • Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0: Learn what’s on the way out … and in!
  • The new ROI: How to measure Return on Involvement

Who Should Attend

Digital Marketers, marketing professionals who want to take advantage of digital marketing


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