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Tough Social Security Questions - Answered

presented by NBI, Inc.
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Tough Social Security Questions - Answered

Workshop Description/Agenda

Tough Real-Life Scenarios to Keep You on the Cutting Edge of Social Security Practice

Presenting each SSDI claim in the best light while complying with the changing evidence rules and overcoming case-specific challenges takes a true professional. Are you up to date on the latest SSA rulings that may affect your ongoing cases? Do you have the knowledge to give your clients all available benefits if they return to work while the claim is being processed? Let our expert faculty clear up some of the more confusing and treacherous aspects of the practice and help you handle more cases successfully. Register today!

  • Identify red flags during intake process and collect all the information to plan the case.
  • Properly prepare for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing problems.
  • Find out how to effectively challenge vocational testimony.
  • Determine what you can do if your client doesn't have an insured status.
  • Learn how to identify and handle potentially harmful evidence.
  • Protect your professional reputation with a practical legal ethics guide.


10:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
Presenters: Anne C. Hartwig, Amanda Pirt Meyer and Grayson Smith Cannon

  1. Work History Questions
    10:00 - 11:15
    1. Employment History and Earnings Records
    2. Part-Time and Self-Employment Issues
    3. Unemployment Benefits and SSDI Claims
    4. Addressing Harmful Evidence
  2. Ailment and RFC Questions
    11:30 - 1:00
    1. Gaps in Medical History
    2. Claimant's Insured Status (DLI) Issues
    3. Addressing Claimant Addiction Issues
    4. Documenting and Explaining Prescription Medications
    5. Documenting Pain
    6. Residual Functional Capacity (RFC Forms) Issues (Exertional and Non-Exertional Limitations)
  3. Procedural Questions
    1:30 - 2:45
    1. Missing and Hard to Obtain Documents (Medical, Employment, School, etc.)
    2. Past Applications
    3. Submitting Evidence: New Rules, Procedures and Roadblocks
    4. Handling Delays
    5. Building a Record for Appeal
    6. Brief Writing and Submission Issues
    7. How Claimants Harm Their Own Cases and What to do About it
    8. ALJ Hearing: Presenting Hypotheticals and Other Challenges
  4. Challenging Vocational and Medical Expert Data
    3:00 - 4:00
  5. Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls
    4:00 - 5:00
    1. Diligent Client Communications
    2. Guarding Confidentiality
    3. Attorney Fees
    4. Common Mistakes that Lead to Client Complaints and Discipline

Who Should Attend

This legal course offers attorneys practical solutions to complex Social Security disability law issues. Others who may benefit include accountants, social workers, disability representatives and paralegals.

Additional Information

Training Provider: NBI, Inc.

Course Topics: Law Training > Health Care Law

Training Course Summary: Tough Social Security Questions - Answered

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