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Top 11 HR Mistakes That Invite Lawsuits Webinar

presented by NBI, Inc.
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Top 11 HR Mistakes That Invite Lawsuits

Workshop Description/Agenda

Protect Employers - and Yourself - From These Major Legal Gaffes

Whether you're a novice in HR or a seasoned professional, everyone makes mistakes. However, some errors result in major legal consequences. This practical program delves into the biggest HR blunders, as well as best practices for avoiding and responding to them. Examine the legal hazards of terminating employees on leave, explore effective methods for creating clear job expectations and stay informed of the latest guidelines for differentiating between employees and independent contractors. Register today!

  • Uncover practical guidance for drafting bulletproof non-compete agreements.
  • Develop strategies for resolving common employee classification errors.
  • Learn how to use documentation as a tool to prevent litigation.
  • Analyze the legal risks of inconsistent handbook policies and provisions.


11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Eastern, J. Gregory Grisham

  • #1. Relying on Toothless Non-Competes
  • #2. Taking a Weak Stance on Data Privacy; Creating False Expectations
  • #3. Firing Employees on Protected Leave
  • #4. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Misclassifications
  • #5. Labeling and Treating Employees as Independent Contractors

12:30 - 2:15 PM Eastern, Teresa Boyle-Vellucci

  • #6. Making Big Decisions Without a Paper Trail
  • #7. Failing to Provide State-Required Training
  • #8. Overlapping and Inconsistent Contracts, Handbook Provisions and Policies
  • #9. Creating Loose Job Expectations
  • #10. Dropping the Ball on Employee Notifications
  • #11. Letting Supervisors Go Rogue

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for attorneys. HR professionals, accountants and paralegals may also benefit.

Additional Information

Training Provider: NBI, Inc.

Course Topics: Law Training > Employment/HR Law

Training Course Summary: Top 11 HR Mistakes That Invite Lawsuits

Live Webinar Date/Time