The ultimate real-life Office 365 productivity course

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Course Description

Office 365 holds the key to a new way of work - a true digital workplace, accessible from anywhere on any device. But many people who have an Office 365 subscription continue to work the way they always have. To change behavior - it's essential to focus on the value and the benefits.

This course is unlike any other traditional e-learning course you have come across before. In this course, you will be taken on an eye-opening journey through the Office 365 jungle, guided by Productivity Coach and ex-Microsoft employee Ulrika Hedlund. In a unique concept of story-based tutorials, you will see real life scenarios of "what you need to know" to effectively use these tools to work smarter.

Basic knowledge
This course is designed for users that have an Office 365 subscription
In most lectures, the course will be based on the assumption that you have a subscription where you can use Office on a computer, the web and the mobile. But even if you have another type of license, you will still benefit from many of the apps that are available in all subscriptions
Users who have Office 365 on a Windows based computer will benefit the most from this course

What You Will Learn

  • A full understanding of how the tools in Office 365 can effectively be used in real life
  • How to access your Office 365 digital workplace from anywhere on any device
  • Work smarter with cloud-based documents using OneDrive and SharePoint, and understand when to use what
  • Master the ins and outs of Skype for Business to effectively communicate and meet online
  • Take better control of your inbox by leveraging email management best practices and by knowing how to effectively use Outlook across devices
  • How to get better organized using digital notebooks in OneNote - saved to the cloud and accessible from anywhere
  • How to use Sway and PowerPoint effectively to tell powerful stories
  • Insights into how you can enhance teamwork using modern apps like Teams and Planner


Kick-start your Office 365 usage
Connect and Communicate
Work Smarter with Documents
Take Control of your Inbox
Get Organized
Tell Powerful Stories
Enhance Teamwork

Course Duration: 2:50:13 AM

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • New users of Office 365
  • All information workers that want to learn how to increase productivity using Office 365.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Computers / Software Training > Office Software

Training Course Summary: The ultimate real-life Office 365 productivity course

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