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The Complete Xero Accounting Course : Master Xero in 4 Hours

presented by Simpliv
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The Complete Xero Accounting Course : Master Xero in 4 Hours

Workshop Description/Agenda


Warm welcome to the Xero Course Page.

This course is for beginners who want to learn Xero Accounting / Xero Bookkeeping with simplified method.

In this course, you will able to learn following:

Xero Setup
Xero Purchase / Sales / Expense Claim
Bank Reconciliation in Xero
Xero Payroll
Inventory in Xero
Xero Reporting
Xero Budgeting
Past data import in xero
Chart of Accounts
Conversion Balances
The course has +240 minutes ( 4 Hours ) of content having 63 lectures.

First section is introduction section.
Second part is Xero Setup from Beginning including setup of chart of accounts and conversion balance
In third section, you will learn Fixed Asset setup, import of fixed assets and how to run depreciation
Fourth and Fifth Part explains Sales and purchase transaction entry and import of Sales / Purchase in bulk
Sixth section explains how to do bank reconciliation in xero and do cash coding
Seventh section covers tracked and untracked inventory
At eighth section, you will learn Payroll run and adding employee details
At ninth section, you will learn how to add expense claim in xero manually and with mobile app - xero expense
At tenth section, you will learn how to create budgets in xero and compare with actual numbers
At last section, you will learn about reporting
You should take this course because it is simple and still effective and covering basics in very short duration. After completion of course, Your xero skill will be strong and you will be able to do basic and advanced xero accounting for business or at job or for client. You can view preview lectures FREE before purchasing !

For puchasing, Just click the Add to Cart button. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you have got a lot to gain.



Basic knowledge
Open Mind
2 days - 1 day to learn & 1 day to practice
Xero trial

What You Will Learn

  • Can Setup Xero from Scratch
  • Can enter sales, purchase & expense claims accurately in xero
  • Can do bank reconciliation and cash coding easily
  • Can run payroll in xero
  • Can Create inventory - tracked and untracked in xero
  • Can Create Budget in Xero
  • Can generate and use Xero Reports as per business need
  • Can import past data in Xero
  • Can work confidently in xero at job or for clients / own business
  • Can avoid errors in Xero Accounting
  • Can Save time while using xero


Xero Setup
Fixed asset
Inventory : Tracked and Untracked
Budgeting in Xero
Expense Claim
Wrap Up

Course Duration: 4:05:00 AM

Course Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Accounting Students
  • Accountants
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business Owners Using Xero or Planning to use cloud based accounting software

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Accounting Training > Software

Training Course Summary: The Complete Xero Accounting Course : Master Xero in 4 Hours