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Technology Ethics for the Attorney

presented by Lorman Education Services
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Technology Ethics for the Attorney

Workshop Description/Agenda

Understand your ethical duties and precautions to take when utilizing various technological resources.Many lawyers are unfamiliar with the nuances of computer technology and data security essential to comply with 21st century ethic rules. There are many hidden dangers in frequently used tools and platforms, including email, socialmedia and 'The Cloud.' This topic helps attorneys in law firms and legal departments learn about risks of which they may not be aware. The topic also explains some suggested practices and solutions. With law firms a prime target of hackers, now more than ever attorneys must be vigilant as to client data and firmdepartment technology resources. This information is critical for attorneys to become more sophisticated in risk management in various technology contexts.

Information Security and Data Privacy as to Clients' and Law Firms' Confidential Information • Intro Re: Ethical Duties as to Confidentiality and Competency and as to Privacy Law • Mobility/Travel Tips, Including as to Privacy Screens and Open Wi-Fi • Various Measures, Including: Two-Factor Authentication; and Training as to Phishing/ Social-Engineering Schemes • Other Email Concerns, Including BCCs, Reply-All and Metadata Scrubbing Social Media • Solicitation Rules • Disclaimers as to Legal Advice • Avoiding Clients' Spoliation • Communications With Others, Including Jurors The Cloud • Quick Intro to Duty of Reasonable Care • Ways to Meet Duty of Diligence/Supervision as to Service Providers

Joseph A. Corsmeier, Esq. with The Law Office of Joseph A. Corsmeier, P.A.

CLE (Please check the Detailed Credit Information page for states that have already been approved) ,NALA ,Additional credit may be available upon request.

Who Should Attend

This live webinar is primarily designed for attorneys. Other legal professionals may also benefit from attending.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Lorman Education Services

Course Topics: Law Training > Legal Research/Writing

Training Course Summary: Technology Ethics for the Attorney

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On-Demand Webinar Details

Recorded on 12/11/2018