Returning to the Workplace: An Employee's Guide

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Course Description

As employees re-enter the workplace after any type of non-work absence or from working remotely, there’s a period of change and transition for everyone…the employee, management and the organization. There are a number of challenges that leaders and managers must be prepared for. To be successful returning employees to the workplace, it requires focus, proactive planning and effective communication. 

Learn how to navigate the obstacles and make re-entry into the workplace positive, constructive and satisfying for yourself and your co-workers.


  • Re-establish professional relationships with individuals, departments and clients 
  • Discover what triggers unhealthy levels of anxiety and how you can respond to it
  • Prepare to adapt and thrive in your new work environment
  • Adopt a positive mindset to overcome obstacles and anticipate opportunities


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Managing Relationships and Effective Communication

  • Describe how to interact with and how to re-establish relationships with others
  • Recognize the role of self-awareness in building relationships
  • Establish trust, respect and credibility with others
  • Discuss ways to overcome communication problems associated with returning to work

Session 2: Accepting the Challenge to Change

  • Discuss specific stress factors that you’ll encounter returning to the workplace
  • Articulate the five areas of personal needs that you’ll need to focus on to prevent distress
  • Recognize how to demonstrate resilience during change
  • Learn how to use stress to your advantage

Session 3: Maintaining Optimism and a Positive Outlook

  • Acquire tools and techniques for remaining positive about the future
  • Recognize how logic and emotions impact self-control and well-being
  • Discuss how to promote self-care and empathy with effectiveness and hardiness
  • Identify four areas to find optimism in the workplace

Who Should Attend

Employees returning to the workplace after a long absence or working remotely.

Additional Information

Training Provider: SkillPath Seminars

Course Topics: HR Management Training > HR Fundamentals

Training Course Summary: Learn how to navigate the obstacles and make re-entry into the workplace positive, constructive and satisfying for yourself and your co-workers

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