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Real World Penetration Testing With NETCAT - Hands On

presented by Simpliv
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Real World Penetration Testing With NETCAT - Hands On

Workshop Description/Agenda

Welcome to my course Real World - Penetration Testing With Netcat. My name is VENKATESH, I'm a Penetration Tester. I started my career as a trainer in CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER.

This course is all about NETCAT, how can you use it in a very effective manner.

This Course will tech you how to use netcat in a red teamer way and their Advanced concepts. it will give you core ides on creating scenarios during you penetration testing process.

All the techniques in this course are in manual method so that you can learn exactly what is going on behind every testing process.

In this course you will learn about the following topics

About Netcat
Netcat Installation
Different types of Netcat
Making chat interface - encrypted and non-encrypted
File Transfers
Port Scanning Techniques
Banner Grabbing Techniques
Reverse Shell Techniques
Bind Shell Techniques
Advanced Reverse Shell Techniques
Netcat Without Netcat
Attacking Outside Network
Setting Proxy Relay
Access Control
Advanced Pipe Techniques
Using SSL Certificates
Ex filtration Attacks
Remote Command Execution
Basic knowledge
No requirements and Prerequisites are required, because our course is from scratch

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn Netcat from Scratch
  • You will learn how to setup netcat
  • You will learn about different types of netcat
  • you learn more senarious about netcat in manual way
  • You will learn how to use netcat for basic operation
  • you will learn to use netcat for penetration testing
  • You will learn to use netcat for red teaming
  • You will learn different types of reverse shell
  • You will learn using third party tools
  • You will learn to use netcat in real time


Introduction To Netcat
Basic Operation Of Netcat
Netcat Penetration Testing Features
The Dark Side Of Netcat
./Reverse Shells [one-liners] - Complete Guide
Darkest Side Of Netcat - Attack Methods
The Darkest Side of Netcat - Post Exploitation
The Dark Side of Netcat - Android

Course Duration: 5:48:15 AM

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • people who are curious about penetration testing
  • people who are curious about red teaming
  • beginners who want to know more about getting shells

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Internet Training > Security

Training Course Summary: Real World Penetration Testing With NETCAT - Hands On