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Organization Skills for Overwhelmed! LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

Our stress-busting, sanity-saving new workshop, Organization Skills for the Overwhelmed!, delivers practical tips, techniques and strategies for getting organized and taking control—right away!

Full Description

Let’s not mince words: You’re buried at work, right? Tons of emails to answer. Tons of crazy-impossible deadlines looming. Tons of projects on your ever-expanding to-do list. And that desk—oh, that desk of yours. Do you sometimes look at it with utter dread, thinking that you only have two options: Run away or strike a match?

Stop! There’s no need for extreme measures—help is at hand!

Our stress-busting, sanity-saving new workshop, Organization Skills for the Overwhelmed!, delivers practical tips, techniques and strategies for getting organized and taking control—right away!

This training is focused on delivering the must-have skills you need to master your time and maximize your effectiveness. We’ll show you how to dissect your workday to see which activities are good time investments and which habits you’ve picked up are flat-out time-wasters.

You’ll find out how to free up countless hours with a time management plan you customize for the way YOU work and that will hold up in the interruption-plagued, ever-changing work environment you work in. Don’t wait, get more organized and enroll in this fantastic training today!

What You Will Learn

  • How to break the urge to keep everything
  • A step-by-step method for turning piles into files
  • Desk-clearing techniques to make you look neat in just minutes
  • How to gain control of your desk, your storage systems, and even your walls
  • Effective alternatives to the "sticky note method" of remembering important things
  • How to make the most out of your workspace—even if it’s tiny!
  • What to do with all those unorganized emails you’ve been storing for months


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Learn How to Get Organized—and Stay Organized

  • How to organize ANYTHING in 3 simple steps
  • Using the RAFT method to weed out nonessential papers
  • A step-by-step plan of attack for turning piles into files
  • How to get control of email, voice mail, phone calls and more
  • Desk-clearing techniques that make you look neat and professional
  • How to get free of the perfectionism trap and ratchet up your productivity
  • Identifying old habits and thought processes that keep you from being as effective as you can be

Session 2: Where Does Your Time Go?

  • The Time Management Style Survey: Assessing your strengths and pinpointing your weaknesses
  • 5 time-wise habits that top achievers share
  • Tips for assessing how long a task or project will really take
  • How to discover your daily "peak productivity time" and use it to your best advantage
  • 20 smart ideas for stopping the interruptions that eat up your time
  • Creating a time management plan that’s tailored to the way YOU work
  • How "next-step thinking" moves your time management plan into action
  • Using calendars, PDAs and software to boost your effectiveness

Session 3: Set Your Priorities to Get More Done

  • Learn the "F.A.S.T." (Focus, Agree, Schedule, Track) system of priority management
  • The 9 "Great Deceivers" that keep you powerless to prioritize
  • How to eliminate procrastination from your life—forever!
  • Managing your schedule—instead of letting it manage you!
  • Identify your biggest time-wasters
  • How to create a schedule with built-in flexibility for the unexpected
  • The power of the "one-minute focus" to start your day right
  • You can’t do it all! How to "Just Say NO!" when your plate is full

Session 4: Tame Your Wild Workspace

  • How simply rearranging your workspace could boost your efficiency and professionalism
  • Break the pack rat habit—keep only what is current and useful
  • Learn why organizational gurus advise you to "Get a bigger trash can"
  • Personal-filing systems that take only seconds to use
  • Discover how space organization tools can give you more room to work
  • Staying on task despite a constant flood of emails, texts, voice mail and phone calls
  • Creating an inbox system that works for you—not against you
  • Turning piles into files—we’ll show you how, step-by-step

Session 5: Lower Your Stress Level and Enrich Your Life

  • Discover why working longer and harder doesn’t necessarily make you more productive
  • Learn tips for avoiding the most common stress-related health problems
  • Your life outside of work—do you have one?
  • Why getting organized is vital to decreasing stress
  • How getting organized can ward off insanity, shorten your workday, get you out in the fresh air and improve your quality of life

Who Should Attend

Anyone who would benefit from excellent organization skills


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