Managing and Motivating Today’s Remote Employees

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Course Description

You’ll learn …

  • Proven methods to track remote employees’ productivity and performance
  • How to keep your team engaged when they don’t work in the same office
  • The keys to coach, mentor and even discipline from afar
  • Tips for encouraging team members to interact and communicate better
  • Up-to-date requirements for the hot-button legal issues involved in managing remote workers
  • And much more!

It’s hard enough managing a diverse collection of employees when you share an office together. Now, throw in remote employees that you may only see face-to-face once or twice a year, and you’ve got an entirely new set of problems.

And the trend is growing.

Sooner or later, every manager will need this seminar! In just one day, you’ll learn communication skills that work best with the unique circumstances of supervising today’s remote worker … make the best use of ever-changing technology … and keep off-site workers feeling motivated and like a valued and integral part of the team. In addition, you’ll learn how to stay compliant with complex (and sometimes conflicting) federal regulations regarding remote employees.

Managing remote employees presents unique problems.

With a fast-growing percentage of the workforce moving toward working remotely, companies like yours must revise the way they approach strategic outcomes such as worker engagement, communication, collaboration, alignment, recognition, culture and productivity. If you’re not trained on how to do this, you and your department could fall behind … fast!

When you attend this course, you’ll learn how to change your thinking to coach and support team members from a distance … and create a mental radar that identifies red flags that your remote employees are having problems staying happy and productive.

Remote workers, off-site workers, telecommuters and contingent workers are taking over the modern workplace. It’s estimated that within the next decade, 75 percent of employees may no longer work in a traditional office setting. Don’t let your management skills lag behind … enroll today!

Program hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The essentials of remote employee management

  • Debunk the myths of remote management
  • Understand what your responsibilities are as a multi-site manager or a manager of remote employees
  • Create a cultural and technical environment where employees can succeed
  • Establish a mutual feeling of trust and respect that sends morale—and productivity—soaring
  • Gain acceptance and respect from team members you don’t see very often
  • Avoid mistakes many managers make that can instantly destroy trust and undermine authority
  • Quickly build rapport with remote employees
  • What your off-site employees want and don’t want from their managers
  • Guarantee your leadership style maintains maximum impact across the miles
  • From the FMLA to the ADA—managing off-site employee leave and absenteeism

Get connected! Keep the lines of communication open and flowing

  • Leadership communication skills critical to managing off-site or remote employees
  • Develop communication guidelines that ensure vital information doesn’t fall through the cracks
  • Get critical information from off-site employees, concisely and regularly
  • Learn how tone of voice over the phone and through email can impact successful communication
  • How to encourage communication responsibility in your remote employees
  • Communicate more effectively with different types of employees
  • Office politics and gossip … and what they mean to remote employees
  • Make meetings one of your strongest operational allies
  • How to keep people from tuning out during virtual meetings
  • Learn when a face-to-face meeting is essential

Lead, coach and motivate off-site and remote employees

  • Strategies for successfully managing remote teams … and team conflict
  • Motivational plans that create camaraderie no matter how far away your employees are
  • Recognize and cultivate the attributes of successful remote employees
  • Avoid the top de-motivators for employees working from home, on the road or at another location
  • Overcome the urge to micromanage employees you don’t see every day
  • Stay in the loop and provide support even from a distance
  • Monitor the actions of off-site and remote employees without coming off like a tyrant
  • Why your remote employees often feel left out and how you can make them feel like part of the team
  • Coaching and feedback: The crucial dos and don’ts for remote employees
  • Special ways to help employees be accountable

Performance management strategies boost productivity

  • From technology tools to easy reports: Monitor what your employees are working on
  • Use the Hawthorne Effect to jump-start productivity
  • Ask questions of your off-site employees to find out how things are really going
  • Know what you can do when employees are headed in the wrong direction
  • Surprise visits: When you should and when you shouldn’t
  • From Internet abuse to starting work late—how to identify and handle productivity problems from a distance
  • Trouble telltales: What to look for to resolve employee performance problems early
  • Identify and eliminate the causes of poor performance
  • Track remote employees’ progress and performance
  • Navigate the sticky legal issues involved in disciplining and firing off-site employees

Who Should Attend

Managers who are responsible for managing off-site or remote office employees

Additional Information

Training Provider: SkillPath Seminars

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Managing/Supervising Essentials

Training Course Summary: From Millennials to Boomers, more workers are switching to non-traditional off-site roles

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