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Managing Human Resources

presented by National Seminars Group
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HR is a tough job. You need every advantage you can get ? that?s why you need this seminar.

Workshop Description/Agenda

Get Ready for the Most Complete Course on Managing Human Resources Anywhere

Consider your daily challenges ...
Every day you walk into the office not knowing what to expect, though you know you'll likely face myriad super-tough problems. For example:

  • A semi-hysterical employee comes to your office complaining about his manager.
  • You find that several supervisors are more than 90 days late in turning in their employee performance reviews.
  • An exasperated manager comes to you wanting to terminate an employee, but she didn't follow the company's process for progressive discipline.
  • Your boss orders that health insurance costs be cut again, even though you just spent weeks negotiating a really great rate.

Sound familiar? And that's only the half of it ...

The bigger picture ...
As difficult as your day-to-day "hot issues" seem, they pale in comparison to your larger responsibilities as a human resources professional.

You are the key talent management strategist for the organization. You are responsible for keeping up with employment laws and pertinent compliance mandates. Your boss relies on you as a key member of the leadership team ... though you're often forced to be a "bad news" messenger, thanks to ever more complex laws and escalating benefit costs.

Plus, you're responsible for making sure your organization's supervisors and managers understand organizational policies and procedures ... as well as major laws and compliance mandates ... and apply them consistently and correctly.

It's a big, big, big job ... and unfortunately, it's one that often does not earn you the respect and appreciation you deserve because no one else comprehends just how big your job really is.

This training makes your tough job easier and helps you be more successful!

There's absolutely no better way to update your knowledge than by attending Managing Human Resources. You'll leave with tons of practical tools, techniques, strategies, and guidelines you can use immediately to handle your role with greater confidence and success.


The Purpose and Importance of Human Resources

  • Why HR is vital to every person in the organization
  • Understanding and aligning HR with the organization's essential goals
  • HR Analytics: a critical thinking framework
  • Values and ethics in HR
  • HR's role in making the company a great place to work

Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring

  • Fair, legal hiring practices and the importance of strategic staffing
  • Creating and administering job applications - both hard-copy and online
  • What you need to know about preemployment testing
  • Using social media for employee recruiting
  • Types of employment interviews
  • Interview questions that can NEVER be asked
  • Best-practice recruiting tactics
  • The pros and cons of non-compete agreements
  • Don't get hit with a big fat lawsuit! Know the rules of using contract labor
  • The dos and don'ts of reference checking

Employee Benefits Administration & Communication

  • Strategic benefits administration - you must have a plan!
  • Your new health insurance obligations under the law
  • What benefits do other organizations offer? A comparison of what's out there
  • A strategic approach to compensation management
  • Managing incentive plans the fair and legal way
  • Communicating your organization's benefits and clarifying who is responsible for what to staff
  • The IRS and cafeteria benefit plans - what's changed
  • Administering COBRA - what are the rules and what happens when a former employee breaks them?
  • Top policies and procedures that you must have in place
  • The Employee Handbook Audit Checklist

Federal Laws, Discrimination, and Compliance

  • Know the laws and what they cover: FMLA, HIPAA, ADA, ADEA, COBRA, EPA, ERISA, FLSA, PDA, Title VII, and more!
  • Super-hot FLSA issues for employees who use technology to work off-site
  • Don't blunder here! Understand medical certification and the FMLA
  • What constitutes age discrimination, and could your company's managers be crossing the line?
  • How does the ADA define reasonable accommodation?
  • Top mistakes made in areas such as discrimination, wrongful termination, reverse discrimination, exempt vs. nonexempt classification, workplace bullying, domestic partner qualification, and more
  • Legal land mines in OSHA and workplace safety - know your rights and obligations
  • Mental illness and the ADA - what you MUST know!
  • Would your employees have a case for a hostile work environment claim?
  • How to investigate and handle sexual harassment claims, employee discrimination claims, and other employee-sensitive complaints
  • What you need to know about the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

Employee Performance Management

  • Creating a legal and effective employee appraisal process
  • Termination 101 - keep it legal, keep it safe
  • The unbreakable rules of criticism and discipline
  • Discipline and termination documentation: your best defense in court is thorough documentation

Handling Special Issues and Situations

  • What you need to do when employees are called to military service and active duty
  • The ins and outs of handling garnishments
  • Why and how to conduct effective diversity training for every employee
  • Keys to avoiding costly mistakes when handling employee accidents and injuries on the job
  • Protecting your organization from retaliation lawsuits
  • Social media use policies - what you can and can't do
  • Can you replace an older worker with a younger one? What you need to know
  • What's legal when it comes to drug, alcohol, and genetic testing?
  • Workplace violence: keep your employees safe and protect your company from liability
  • The role of HR in times of change and turbulence
  • Contingency planning for emergencies

Working With Your Organization's Managers and Staff

  • HR's role in supporting organizational managers and supervisors
  • Educating your organization's leaders on expectations regarding:
    • Proper recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and other staffing procedures
    • Writing and maintaining current, precise job descriptions
    • Employee discipline and termination
    • Maintaining a discrimination-free and harassment-free work environment
    • Onboarding new hires
    • Performance appraisals
    • Employee training
    • Employee dress codes
    • And more!
  • Understanding the high cost of turnover and how to work with managers to minimize it
  • Do you really need to have an employee handbook? Yes, and we'll explain why!

Records Retention, Management, and Destruction

  • What records do

Who Should Attend

HR Managers, HR Generalists

Additional Information

Training Provider: National Seminars Group

Course Topics: HR Management Training > HR Fundamentals

Training Course Summary: HR is a tough job. You need every advantage you can get ? that?s why you need this seminar.