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Legal Implications of Doing Business on the Internet Webinar

presented by Lorman Education Services
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Legal Implications of Doing Business on the Internet

Workshop Description/Agenda

Learn effective strategies to protect your website and improve cybersecurity. Learn effective strategies to protect your website and improve cybersecurity. Online selling is being buffeted by the winds of change. Copycat pirates roam the internet seas plundering business ideas from unsuspecting online merchants and their unprotected websites. Social media sites and hackers pilfer personal information and credit card data. Online con artists, ransomware, malware, cyber squatters, and copyright trolls will inevitably storm your online decks. Cloud storage attacks may open the floodgates to a veritable invasion of privacy. Dont get blown away. This material will teach you how to batten down the hatches with useful and sensible secrets to success and security in a cloud first, mobile first world. Best practices for website development, design, and content will be shared. Policies and procedures for successful customer, developer, marketer, and vendor relationships will be explained. Practical security tips will be presented for collecting and storing customer data, updating privacy policies and terms of use, and restricting social media overreach. Complying with data breach regulations both in the United States and abroad will be made simple, including compliance with California and the EUs regulations like the GDPR, will be explained. The privacy policy updates you have been likely getting in your inbox do not just apply to the big guys you need to be compliant too.

Secrets to Online Selling
ï Optimizing Ownership of Website Content
ï Enhancing Website Policies and Procedures
ï Maximizing Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale

Secrets to Online Security
ï Protecting the Company and Website
ñ Trademark Issues - Website Name, Logos, and Product Names
ñ Copyright Issues ñ Videos, Website Images, Content, and Copyrights
ñ Customer Data - Collection, Cloud Storage, Avoiding Breach
ï Trust No One
ñ Mobile Devices
ñ Employee Training and Policies
ñ Vendor Contracts
ñ Confidential Information Policy
ï Surviving Attack ñ Compliance, Liability, and Insurance

Kendall L. Van Ameyde with Innovative Law Group, and Mark H. Zietlow with Innovative Law Group


Who Should Attend

This live audio conference is designed for attorneys, presidents, vice presidents, business owners and managers, controllers, directors, web developers, marketing managers, IT professionals and accountants.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Lorman Education Services

Course Topics: Law Training > Other

Training Course Summary: Legal Implications of Doing Business on the Internet

Live Webinar Date/Time