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Leading Your Remote Team: Strategies for Success LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

This LIVE, virtual course delivers a highly interactive, training experience that provides exactly what you need to manage remote workers and remain the effective management force you've always been.

Full Description

Remote workers bring powerful synergies as well as considerable challenges, particularly for established organizations and traditional managers who are accustomed to operating by proven standards and procedures. That means to get the most from your team, you’ve got to change your thinking, management approach and training to fit these unique considerations. This LIVE, virtual course delivers a highly interactive, training experience that provides exactly what you need to manage remote workers and remain the effective management force you’ve always been.


  • Understand how leading from a distance differs from a normal manager's role
  • Explore strategies for effectively providing direction and guidance to remote employees
  • Manage performance and remote work environments to maximize employee accountability
  • Know how to limit misunderstandings and improve relationship building within your remote team.
  • Learn how reciprocity works to manage trust in remote worker relationships


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Leading and Coaching Remote Workers

Learn the core competencies necessary for leading remote teams and take advantage of the opportunity to assess where you stand and have room to grow.

  • Discuss the core competencies necessary for leading remote teams
  • Identify the key to consistency, unity, increased productivity and improved morale
  • Using the scenario provided, plan how to use the remote coaching model
  • Describe the 6 attributes of a successful remote worker
  • Recognize common misconceptions about remote management

Session 2: Performance Management and Accountability

Complete an assessment to demonstrate the role of accountability within your remote team. Take an honest look at your team and identify specific areas to increase accountability.

  • Using an assessment, identify areas of improvement to increase accountability within your remote team
  • Discuss the most common root causes of poor performance within remote teams
  • Know the telltale signs for early detection of employee problems
  • Articulate mitigation plans for addressing poor performance with remote workers
  • Describe ways to establish and strengthen employee accountability

Session 3: Build Connections Through Communication

Lay out a plan for ensuring that your remote team stays connected with clear and concise communication. Consider how you can improve communications with your team using the techniques presented.

  • Identify the communication key that is most important to your remote team
  • Recognize the situations that require face-to-face communications
  • Discuss effective communication tactics for remote teams
  • Understand the importance of keeping remote workers in the loop
  • Explain how to avoid the most common barriers to listening

Session 4: Establishing Trust Through Communication

Realize the importance of keeping your remote workers up-to-date and current. Learn how trust lays the foundation for consistent communication and how to establish trust with your remote workers.

  • Recognize communication best practices to keep your remote employees in the loop
  • Identify meeting protocol to build employees' confidence in your ability to communicate
  • Articulate proven techniques to increase collaboration during virtual communications
  • Discuss effective ways to keep employees from tuning out during virtual meetings
  • Describe solutions to the most common cultural communication problems

Who Should Attend

Managers of Remote / Off-site / Virtual teams


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