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Leadership & Management Skills for Women — Enhanced Two-Day Training LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

This two-day workshop is a rare opportunity to acquire important leadership skills and use those newfound skills to gain the respect of co-workers and those you supervise.

Full Description

Women are finally well represented in supervisory and management positions in most organizations across the country. Yet, despite these visible signs of success, many are finding the road to leadership success rocky. This two-day workshop is a rare opportunity to acquire important leadership skills and use those newfound skills to gain the respect of co-workers and those you supervise. It’s filled with insights into the special and often-overlooked talents women leaders can bring to the table and cutting-edge tactics successful women leaders are using right now to make things happen in their organizations.

What You Will Learn

  • How to recognize and eliminate behaviors that hinder your success
  • How to address conflict promptly and directly — like a leader
  • How to push back diplomatically when requests and deadlines are unreasonable
  • How to find a sustainable balance between your work and personal life
  • And much more!


Program time: 3 hours each day (6 hours total)


Session 1: See yourself — and be seen by others — as a leader

  • Bossy...moody...emotional...overcoming the labels women sometimes get saddled with
  • A simple exercise to define your leadership identity and its effect on others
  • How to strip back the layers, create your own personal brand and let it blossom
  • Honestly assess where you need improvement — even small changes pay big dividends!
  • 5 leadership tests no woman escapes
  • Countering gender bias: tips...and a few warnings

Session 2: Develop all the right stuff

  • Stop trying to "fit in" — the benefits of being who you naturally are
  • Understanding your leadership style and how to play into your strengths and downplay your weaknesses
  • 5 specific actions you can take today to improve your leadership
  • How to separate being liked from being respected
  • 2 types of networks that will help you get things done
  • How to take credit for your accomplishments without bragging
  • Increasing your visibility: How to overcome the double bind women often find themselves in
  • How to stop talking too fast, apologizing, over-explaining — and making other credibility-robbing mistakes

Session 3: Project credibility and earn the respect you deserve

  • Your employees want more money, more responsibility, more everything — could you be creating a culture of entitlement?
  • Boss...or friend? How to avoid mismanaging the emotional distance between yourself and your employees
  • Emotional intelligence: It’s not a "girl"’s a leadership requirement
  • A new mental script for controlling your behaviors, tendencies and impulses
  • How to use social media to advance your career — not derail it

Session 4: Always communicate purposefully and meaningfully

  • How really listening can make you a much better leader
  • How to be heard in meetings: Pounding the table won’t work, but these tips will
  • How to accept responsibility for a mistake and put a positive spin on it
  • Communication breakdown: If you can’t get your message across, how can anyone act on it?
  • How to astutely "read" an individual or group and adapt your communication style accordingly
  • Emotional intelligence in action! 5 tips you’ll use every day
  • How to get over pre-presentation nervousness and speak comfortably before groups of any size
  • How to courteously but firmly take back the floor in meetings when interrupted
  • How to say "no" when appropriate — without sounding like the "Queen of Mean"


Session 1: Light the fire in your team ...

  • The #1 leadership lesson: It’s not about you; it’s about your people
  • How the entire process for finding and bringing top talent on board has changed
  • You have a plan for creating a diverse culture — but do you have the passion?
  • Do employees run to you with every little thing? Tell-tale signs you may be overprotective
  • Getting even the most contrary employees to do what they’re supposed to do
  • The key to motivating the unmotivated: Be very good at these 5 things
  • How to supervise employees with different values, lifestyles and views...and reap the positive benefits
  • Why bother to delegate? Because both you and your employees win

Session 2: ...And keep the flame burning

  • 2 things to never forget about keeping good employees happy
  • 3 golden rules for setting team goals that stick
  • Feel uncomfortable giving praise? Why successful motivators don’t think that way at all
  • How to keep your feedback positive — even when the employee is angry or has endless excuses
  • Using the technique of fait accompli to get what you want — end of discussion
  • Addressing poor performance: Avoid soft-pedaling that can come back to haunt you
  • Got bad attitudes on your team? How to set and enforce a zero-tolerance policy
  • Disciplining employees: How to be known as firm, but fair

Session 3: Turn around challenges and become an opportunity-driven leader

  • How to disagree without being negatively labeled behind your back
  • Conflict: Fight or flight? Here’s a better option
  • 7 top sources of conflict on the job — and how the wisest women leaders handle them
  • When disagreements arise...step into a leader’s role by adopting these 3 behaviors
  • How to appear immune to cruel words, potshots and personal attacks (even when you’re not)
  • When it’s okay to show emotions, when to rein them in and how to tell the difference
  • Dealing with hotheads, know-it-alls and other difficult characters: Is your leadership showing?

Session 4: Assess where you stand — and where to go from here

  • How to ask others for honest feedback — without seeming weak or putting anyone on the spot
  • Mentors: You can have more than one — in fact, you should
  • How to create your personal vision statement that defines your purpose and guides your future — 25 words or less, please!
  • Dispelling the myth that women must work twice as hard: Are you overloading yourself?
  • Before putting work ahead of your personal life...a few things to think twice about
  • Expand your possibilities! Don’t pigeonhole yourself or allow others to
  • Passion: Why it’s one of the top qualities people want to see in their leaders
  • What top managers really look for when deciding whom to promote
  • No resting on your laurels: How to seek new opportunities to take risks...take charge...and prime the pump for change

Who Should Attend

Women Leaders & Managers


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