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LLC or S-Corp

presented by NBI, Inc.
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LLC or S-Corp

Workshop Description/Agenda

Choose the Best Entity for Your Purposes

LLC or S-Corporation . . . What's the best choice? Examine the advantages and disadvantages, management and operational issues of each entity, so you can effectively advise your client on which route to take. Register today!

  • Examine the new tax bill's "Pass Through" Rule and what it means for LLCs and S-Corps.
  • Learn how to structure the venture with an emphasis on how internal management and regulation choices affect the entity.
  • Ensure management issues are properly handled to safeguard the organization.
  • Review the major tax considerations that can impact your choice of entity decision.


1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
Presenters: Jeffrey R. Matsen and Ben Schwefel

  • The New Tax Bill's "Pass Through" Rule and What it Means for LLCs and S-Corps
  • What are the Principal Non-Tax Differences Between an LLC and a Corporation?
    • Organizational Structure
    • Governance
    • Flexibility in Operation
    • Liability Protection for Equity Owners, Managers, Board Members and Officers
    • Control of Asset Ownership
    • Investor Attraction and Securities Law/Blue Sky Laws
    • Operational Issues
    • Fiduciary Obligations
    • Entrance and Exit Strategies - Planning and Procedures
  • What are the Tax Considerations Based on Choice of Entity?
    • LLC
      • Formation Issues
      • Pass Through Treatment of LLCs
      • Single Member LLCs
      • Tax Basis, Debt and Loss Concepts
      • Self Employment Tax Issues
      • Conversions and Reorganizations
      • Liquidation of the LLC
      • Tax Challenges in Converting to an LLC
      • Compensation Strategies for Owner/Employees
    • S Corporation
      • Formation Issues
      • Pass Through Treatment of S Corporations
      • Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiary
      • Tax Basis, Debt and Loss Concepts
      • Self Employment Tax Issues
      • Conversions and Reorganizations
      • Liquidation of the S Corporation
      • Compensation Strategies for Owner/Employees

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for attorneys. It may also benefit paralegals, accountants and tax professionals.

Additional Information

Training Provider: NBI, Inc.

Course Topics: Business Training > Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations

Training Course Summary: LLC or S-Corp

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