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Iowa Trust Drafting Essentials LIVE Virtual Training

presented by NBI, Inc.

Iowa Trust Drafting Essentials

Full Description

Master Key Elements of Trust Creation

Trusts are the most powerful tool in estate and disability planning, but meticulous care must be taken at formation to ensure they work as intended. In this engaging course, faculty will take you through the initial steps of trust creation and share the precise trust language they use to ensure grantors' intent is carried through. Register today!

  • Get a practical update on the laws governing trusts.
  • Walk through the key decision-making process involved in trust formation.
  • Come away with sample trust language you can use immediately.
  • Predict how specific trust language will affect administration in the long run.


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Central, Michelle M. Weiser

  1. Trusts Overview and Client Intake
    1. State and Federal Laws Governing Trust Creation
    2. Parties to a Trust: Their Duties and Responsibilities
    3. Determining Your Client's Needs and Reasons for Drafting a Trust
    4. State and Local Tax and Property Laws Affecting Trust Drafting
    5. Situs and Jurisdiction Issues, Out-of-State Property
  2. Revocable Trust Formation Plus Pourover (With a Sample Trust)
    1. Revocable Trust Structures and Uses
    2. Choice of Trustee(s)
    3. Key Provisions Walkthrough
    4. Common Drafting Mistakes

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM Central, Morris R. Saunders

  1. Irrevocable Trust Structures and Essential Elements (With Sample Trust Language)
    1. Unique Features of Irrevocable Trusts
    2. When (and How) to Use Specialized Trusts (SNTs, Miller Trusts, DAPTs, IRA Trusts, etc.)
    3. Trust Language Review
    4. When Irrevocable Trust Becomes Revocable
  2. Top Powerhouse Provisions (With Sample Language)
    1. Spendthrift
    2. Asset Protection
    3. Medicaid Eligibility
    4. Crummey Powers
    5. Charitable
    6. Intentionally Defective Trusts

Who Should Attend

This basic level online course is designed for:

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Trustees and Fiduciaries
  • Wealth Managers
  • Paralegals


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