Introduction to Solving Data Problems with UNIX

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Course Description

UNIX, Linux, and their variants are wonderful operating systems, with great capabilities of doing data processing. But they are often ignored when people think about solving data problems, or in general, Data Science. This short course provides a hands-on approach to using UNIX/Linux for solving various data problems from sorting and searching to extracting and manipulating information. And all of these without writing any code! That's right. With just a few commands of UNIX, and appropriate combinations of them, one could solve many data problems within seconds without writing thousands of lines or code or spending hours and days.

Basic knowledge
This course is for beginners, but it helps to have some basic understanding of operating systems (e.g., finding and launching programs, installing and configuring apps), as well as some basic knowledge of any programming. The course also assumes that you have a way to connect to a UNIX/Linux system. Alternatively, you could install a free utility on your computer that enables you to work on a UNIX-like environment (not needed for a Mac or a Linux desktop)

What You Will Learn

  • Remotely logging into a UNIX/Linux machine
  • File transfer to a remote machine
  • A basic understanding of some of the common tools useful for doing programming
  • Several basic UNIX commands and utilities
  • Solving several kinds of data problems using UNIX



Course Duration: 1:04:28 AM

Course Level: Beginner Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • any one who want to learn Unix OS
  • any one who want to write bashscript
  • any one who want to became a hacker

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Computers / IT Training > Database

Training Course Summary: Introduction to Solving Data Problems with UNIX

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