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How to Manage ADA- and FMLA-Related Leave Webinar

presented by NBI, Inc.
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How to Manage ADA- and FMLA-Related Leave

Workshop Description/Agenda

Discover New Strategies for Verifying Leave Requests, Updating Leave Policies and More

When it comes to employee leave, many employers struggle to grasp the ins and outs of the ADA and the FMLA. This informative program delves into the interaction between the ADA and the FMLA, general rules for creating FMLA policies, essential guidelines for determining whether a reasonable accommodation causes an undue hardship and more - register today!

  • Stay on top of recent legislative changes.
  • Evaluate the relationship between the ADA, FMLA, workers' compensation and other leave laws.
  • Discover what counts as a reasonable accommodation vs. an unreasonable accommodation.
  • Examine best practices for responding to FMLA requests.
  • Investigate the legal risks of failing to monitor intermittent leave.
  • Analyze legal best practices for drafting FMLA policies.
  • Develop strategies for conducting effective leave abuse investigations.
  • Uncover critical mistakes employers make when terminating employees on leave.


Session Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern
Presenter: Cynthia L. Effinger

  1. Reviewing the Latest Legislative Changes
  2. The Relationship Between the FMLA, ADA, Workers' Comp and Other Laws
  3. How to Determine Whether Leave Qualifies as a Reasonable Accommodation
  4. FMLA Leave - Verifying and Responding to Requests
  5. How to Manage Intermittent Leave: Essential Guidelines
  6. Creating and Updating FMLA Policies
  7. Leave Abuse and Misuse: Investigation Best Practices
  8. Disciplining and Firing Workers on Leave: Avoiding Critical Mistakes

Who Should Attend

This basic level online seminar is specifically designed for human resources professionals and attorneys. Additionally, those who should attend include:

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