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How to Build a Managed Print Services Program

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How to Build a Managed Print Services Program

Workshop Description/Agenda

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

Understand the concept of managed print services and how it reduces operational expense. Many organizations have decentralized and segmented management of their print devices (copiers, printers, fax machines and scanners). There can be multiple avenues for endusers to procure devices, supplies and service that very often lack controls over total print cost to organizations. As organizations look for business process improvements and cost savings, a document management services program can be both financially sound and operationally effective. This topic will discuss the concept of managed print services and how it reduces operational expense, contributes to improved print device utilization, improves service levels and ultimately reduces the amount of printed material. The tendency to overutilize print devices is reduced through a centrally managed program providing user department print device assessments and print utilization expertise. You will be able to articulate the savings opportunities, operational efficiencies and environmental sustainability that can result from a successful program.

Segmented Traditional Programs to Manage Print Devices
ï Segmented Management
ï Decentralized Control
ï Cost of Managing Print Devices Falls in Different Buckets
ï Copier Programs
ï Supplies
ï End-User Support Is Segmented

What Is Managed Print Services?
ï Print Devices
ï Consolidation of Costs
ï Consolidation of Deployment
ï Networked Devices vs. Local
ï Increased Customer Service
ï Reduce the Amount of Printing
ï Immediate Savings

Exploring Managed Print Services
ï Identify Stakeholders
ï Decide on In-House or Outsource
ï Who Will Manage? (IT or Materials)
ï Take Inventory of Devices
ï Take Inventory of Costs ñ Establish a Utilization Rate
ï Build Project Timeline
ï Identify Savings Targets
ï Resource Reallocation or Reduction

ï Market Benefits to Organization
ï Make It Seamless
ï Create a Document Management Services Department (Team)
ï Establish Performance Metrics
ï Monitor Savings Projections
ï True-up and Data
ï Leverage IT
ï Write Your Policy

Refine Your Model
ï Reduce Devices
ï Build an Environmentally Beneficial Program
ï Reduce the Amount of Paper Printing
ï Scanning and E-Fax
ï Allow End-Users to Manage Their Print Costs

Andy Lamb, C.P.M. with Andy Lamb Associates LLC

APICS ,IAAP (Pending) ,ISM ,Additional credit may be available upon request.

Who Should Attend

This live webinar is designed for business owners and managers, supervisors, associates, administrative professionals, quality control personnel, operations managers, facility managers, controllers, inventory specialists, design professionals, operators a

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Course Topics: Business Training > Business Fundamentals

Training Course Summary: How to Build a Managed Print Services Program