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How To Attract HIGH Paying Coaching Clients without Paying for Ads

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How To Attract HIGH Paying Coaching Clients without Paying for Ads

Workshop Description/Agenda

Are you a coach, consultant or expert?

Are you finding it difficult to find coaching clients for your coaching business?

Do you want to start a successful coaching business so you can do what you love, quit your job, have financial freedom, travel the world and make a difference in people's lives?

Did you know that there is a way that you can Attract and Sell High Ticket Coaching services without spending money on Ads?

This course is for you if you are a career coach, a fitness coach, a life coach, a marketing coach, a branding coach, a style coach, a business coach, a singing coach or you simply have a skill that can help other people get a specific result, but you don't really know how to get HIGH Paying Clients.


'I had a very informative conversation with Bogdan. He helped me come up with a clear and precise mission statement that sounds way better than what I came up with. Bogdan also helped me figure out who my target audience should be. Just with these two tips alone, it has allowed me to target the right demographic and pitch our services to them in a relatable way. I would highly recommend working with Bogdan.'

(Sean Yun)


Like you, when I started my own business as a business coach, I was struggling to get clients.

I tried posting offers on social media, writing blog articles, making hundreds of videos, paying for ads, doing Free coaching sessions, yet nothing seemed to stick.

I was working hard, hustling and grinding on what I thought was going to bring me results, but my bank account was still empty.

When I finally decided that enough was enough, I hired a business coach that could teach me what worked.

And the process I learned completely changed my perspective on selling and I finally made my first 4 digit sale.

And that's exactly the PROVEN Process that you are going to learn in this course to Sell Your High Ticket Coaching Services.

I don't just want you to go though this course, I want you to apply this information and MASTER it so you can build a successful coaching business that will give you financial freedom, fulfillment, joy and time.

Once you Master this process, things are going to be So Much Easier for you.

Because you learn how to sell high ticket services, you will suddenly won't need to work as hard, or as many hours to reach your financial goals.

When you learn to the Proven Process it changes your entire business.

It helps you attract more HIGH Paying clients - the clients who are searching for exactly the outcome you deliver, who can afford your services and who will become your Raving Fans
It eliminates fear of selling because you will make sales and getting paid as natural as buying milk at the store
It enables you make a sale 8/10 phone calls, which is more than double the amount you would normally make if you didn't use the information in this course
And, it enables you to sell with Confidence because you will learn how to sell over the phone, how to get leads Organically, through Referrals and how to Ask for Testimonials, it will significantly reduce the stress of finding new clients, which will allow you to be loose, relaxed and confident every time you get on a phone call
So, if you're an existing coach or consultant who is still struggling to find clients, or you're a brand new coach or consultant who is trying to figure out how to package your services and what to charge what you know you're worth, this course is for you.

This course is ideal for independent coaches or consultants who...

Want to Have a Successful Online Coaching business that will give them Time, Income and FREEDOM
Are struggling to Identify their Ideal Client and their Signature Service
Are struggling to find prospects for their coaching services
Fell uncomfortable selling over the phone and get paid what they are worth for their services
Lack the Success Mindset that will allow them to WIN and keep Winning on the long term
Struggling to pay the bills despite working very, very hard to turn things around and make the coaching business a success
Struggle to get high paying clients despite having gone through and paid for the best coaching certification programs
Don't know how to ask for Referrals from potential clients and current clients
Are struggling to Package their Services in a way that sells
Don't know how to Position themselves in the marketplace in such a way that attracts their Ideal Client
Don't know how to get written or Video Testimonials from their clients and prospects so that they can use for their marketing efforts
Would like to use a Proven System that brings them High Paying clients without spending money on Ads
Aren't getting enough of the Right Clients
Don't waste another day trying to figure everything out on your own.

This course will take you step-by-step through the exact same process I've been using successfully myself, and with my private consulting clients, for years.

This course includes:

Instructional Video Lessons for each step of the process
Fill-in-the-blank Workbook so you can create a profitable Signature Program
Case studies of me selling over the phone and a coaching session where I teach how to get leads organically
Step-by-Step Instructions so you can easily apply what you're learning to your business
What You Will Learn:

How to Attract your Ideal Client
How to Qualify people before getting on the phone
How to EASILY convert prospects into raving fans who will recommend you and support you financially
How to make Sales an Easy and Fun process that brings you new clients on a Consistent and predictable basis
Why selling is Not what you Think and how you can become a Master at it without ever feeling like a sleazy sales person

What would your life be like if you could make money 8/10 times you got on the phone with someone?
What would it be like if you could make 6 figures without spending money on ads
What would it be like if you could achieve financial freedom and authentic happiness and fulfillment in your life in the next few months?
Buying a brand new car for your loved ones
Going on that vacation that you’ve always wanted
Being able to donate generous sums of money to your favorite charity
Check out the Introduction and the First Lesson, they're Free!

Then enroll today so you can get started Getting your first 10 High Paying Coaching Clients...


Basic knowledge
Have a Skill or Expertise that can bring a Result to someone else
Basic Social Media Skills
Desire to take Action and Apply the Knowledge Learned in the course

What You Will Learn

  • The Right Mindset for Success
  • Guided Meditation for Success Programming
  • How to Identify the Ideal Client for Your Coaching Business
  • How to Price Your Services to Boost Sales
  • How to Find Leads for Your Coaching Business Without Paying for Ads
  • How to Qualify Leads
  • How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Services Over The Phone
  • How to Get Paid Over The Phone
  • How to Ask for Referrals for Your Coaching Business
  • How to Ask for Stellar Testimonials For Your Coaching Business


The Right Mindset for Becoming a Successful Coach
How to Identify Your Ideal Client for your Coaching Business
The Pricing Strategy to Boost Sales
How to Get Leads Consistently without Paying for Ads
How to Qualify Leads for Your Coaching Business
How To Sell/Close Over The Phone
How to Get Paid for Your Coaching Services
How to Ask for Referrals for Your Coaching Business
How to Ask For Testimonials
BONUS Lectures

Course Duration: 2:49:07 AM

Course Level: Beginner

Who Should Attend

  • This course is ideal for independent coaches or consultants

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Business Training > Business Fundamentals

Training Course Summary: How To Attract HIGH Paying Coaching Clients without Paying for Ads