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Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace

presented by Lorman Education Services
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Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace

Workshop Description/Agenda

Understand the different personality types and learn the methods for engaging in conflict productively.This dynamic topic is intended to provide you with practical, relevant information regarding how to deal with individuals who make the workplace a difficult, demanding environment for coworkers and supervisors, and can hinder organizational productivity and effectiveness.This essential, handson material is designed to teach successful approaches to handle difficult personalities and behaviors in the workplace. From classic, triedandtrue approaches to newer, wellresearched techniques, you will learn key strategies for bringing forward more productive behaviors from coworkers, direct reports, managers and supervisors.

Difficult Personalities and Behaviors
• What Are Some Difficult Personalities and Difficult Behaviors?
• How, When and Where Do These Show up? How Does This Impact You? How Does This Impact Your Organization?
• What Alternatives Do You Have, as a Co-Worker, in Dealing With Difficult Personalities and Behaviors? What Alternatives Do You Have, as a Supervisor?

Strategic Tools and Keys
• Coaching, Mentoring and Training Approaches
• Core Coaching Concepts
• Effective Feedback, Language and Phrasing
• The POR Method
• Situational Solutions, Examples of Real Life Scenarios
• Self-Care Under Stress
• Other Alternatives and Approaches
• Resources: Books and More

Miriam Reiss, DSS, MCC from Mind Works Professional Education, Inc.

IAAP ,Additional credit may be available upon request.

Who Should Attend

This live audio conference is designed for administrative assistants, executive assistants, office administrators, secretaries, office managers and other administrative professionals.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Lorman Education Services

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Interpersonal Skills

Training Course Summary: Handling Difficult Personalities and Behaviors in the Workplace

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On-Demand Webinar Details

Recorded on 1/18/2018