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Estate Planning Ethics: Joint Representation Agreements LIVE Virtual Training

presented by NBI, Inc.

Estate Planning Ethics: Joint Representation Agreements

Full Description

Practical Compliance Guidance from Experienced Attorney Faculty

While joint representation is quite common in estate planning, it comes with a set of some very specific rules and challenges you must contend with. This specialized ethics guide will walk you through the process, point out potential problems, and offer practical solutions and workarounds. Stay within the ethical bounds of the profession no matter what comes your way - register today!

  • Address the pros and cons of joint representation at client intake.
  • Clarify the rules of consent and the best way to document it.
  • Get practical guidance for fulfilling your client communication duties when representing spouses.
  • Prevent conflicts of interest and get tips for handling disagreements between joint clients.
  • Clearly outline the bounds of your representation and discuss when and how to withdraw it.


Session Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern
Presenter: Natalie Hurley Harden Schmidt

  1. Advising Clients on the Downsides of Joint Representation in Estate Planning
  2. Variations on Joint Representation Agreements (With Sample Agreements)
  3. Consent to Joint Representation Letter: What to Include
  4. Loss of Capacity of One of the Clients
  5. Attorney Fees in Joint Representation
  6. Information Flow Duties
  7. Handling Disagreements Among Joint Clients
  8. Joint Representation Agreements in Trusts and Estates Litigation
  9. When to Withdraw From Representation

Who Should Attend

This legal ethics guide is designed for attorneys. Paralegals will also benefit.


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