Effective Performance Management: How to Achieve Excellence

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Course Description

Excellent performance managers understand the qualities and skills they need to be successful coaches and mentors, so they can lead high-achieving teams. When leaders make a concentrated effort to develop their teams, their employees are transformed into strong, confident people who support the organization's mission and purpose.

This three-module virtual training course provides the tools to effectively manage employee performance and connect employee goals with those of the company. Not only will this program steer you toward improvement as a better performance manager, it will also help you to establish goals and communicate them to your employees and implement plans to help them fill the gaps in their skills and further their careers.


  • Clearly align employee performance with the larger organizational purpose
  • Effectively communicate with employees and gain their commitment
  • Write performance goals that connect to strategic business results
  • Continually challenge and motivate employees with career development plans
  • Rejuvenate teams by employing the recognition and reward techniques


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Aligning Employee Performance and Purpose

As leaders, we all want our employees to be successful at work, but they can only achieve this with a clear understanding of their purpose, what’s expected of them and how they fit into the organization and its goals.

  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities of performance managers.
  • Understand why setting clear expectations is vital to employee success
  • Identify ways to help employees achieve a sense of ownership
  • Know how to communicate the importance of your employee’s work in a meaningful way
  • Describe the benefits of ongoing feedback and timely communication with employees

Session 2: Setting Achievable and Measurable Goals

Performance management reinforces the importance of well-written, communicated and accountable goals. By using SMARTER goals, you help employees reach beyond their current performance level, motivating them with the opportunity for success.

  • Identify the characteristics of SMARTER goals
  • Explain methods for creating and implementing goals
  • Recognize techniques for challenging employees to succeed
  • Discuss standards of performance that signal when an employee has succeeded

Session 3: Developing a Career Plan

One of the best ways to stay on track with challenging and motivating employees is by planning for career development. Whether they’re striving to perform more effectively in their current duties or seeking to expand their responsibilities, employees want to have development opportunities

  • Describe the purpose and process of career development
  • Outline questions to ask when helping to plan a career
  • Discuss opportunities for employees to fill their skill gaps
  • Identify ideas for career enrichment activities
  • Explain the 4-step process for creating a career development plan

Who Should Attend

Manager, supervisors

Additional Information

Training Provider: SkillPath Seminars

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Managing/Supervising Essentials

Training Course Summary: This three-module virtual training course provides the tools to effectively manage employee performance and connect employee goals with those of the company.

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