Effective Debt Collection Strategies

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Course Description

Effective Debt Collection Strategies is proactively controlling customer debt and getting paid on time.

In this course I will teach you how to reduce the current debt and how to manage the future overdue customer debt effectively

The strategies include improving office procedures and many downloadable resources such as collection letters.

Basic knowledge
I recommend that the learner has basic bookkeeping and business management knowledge to be able to understand the concepts in this course

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to proactively control customer debt and get your customer to pay their invoices by due date
  • If you have a large unpaid ledger this course will give you strategies on how to reduce that debt
  • How to make sure your customer understands your terms of trade to reduce the risk of unpaid invoices
  • You will also learn an overdue invoice strategy and there is a phone script for those who have difficulty in knowing what to say to a customer


Cost of the Ledger
Office Procedure Evaluation
Policies and Procedures
Reduce the current customer debt
Debt collection activities

Course Duration: 1:34:29 AM

Course Level: Intermediate

Who Should Attend

  • Small, Medium & Large Business organizations
  • Bookkeepers, accountants, business managers

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Accounting Training > Credit/Collection

Training Course Summary: Effective Debt Collection Strategies

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