Design Patterns Simplified

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Course Description

Are you looking for a different, yet deep and engaging course on design patterns?
Are you better able to understand the concepts through interesting examples, diagrams & visual effects?
Have you struggled to understand design patterns from the books?
If you relate to one or more of the above criteria then this course is for you.

It is a comprehensive course on design patterns delivered with crystal clear communication.

The diagrams and the visual effects help you focus on the exact part of the presentation that the trainer is conveying.

The course follows a step-wise approach where you will begin every pattern with a unique and interesting example problem.

The course then begins with a design to solve the problem, without applying a pattern.

After you have understood the shortcomings of the design, the course then applies the design pattern by altering the design.

This approach helps you clearly understand and appreciate the usage of the pattern.

You will be able to assess your knowledge by answering several quizzes & questions that pop up throughout the course.

If you have registered for this course with an intention to strengthen your base for software design patterns, you will never lose interest during the course.

Join the course with a visually stimulating and engaging content!

Basic knowledge
Understanding of object-oriented concepts and at least one object oriented language such as C++, C# or Java
Basic understanding of UML notations

What You Will Learn

  • Get a strong software design foundation required to move up in technical ladder
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the most useful design patterns


Strategy Pattern
Factory Pattern
Decorator Pattern
State Pattern
Observer Pattern
Command Pattern
Adapter Pattern
Composite Pattern
Facade Pattern

Course Duration: 5:46:38 AM

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • Fresh as well as experienced software developers
  • Aspiring software architects
  • Junior software architects

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Computers / IT Training > Programming/Software

Training Course Summary: Design Patterns Simplified

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