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Delegating Authority and Empowering Employees LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

You'll learn how to balance your workload, delegate assignments effectively and provide continuous learning opportunities for employees.

Full Description

Delegating tasks is critical to management success. If you’re hesitant to pass off assignments, you’re not doing yourself — or your employees — any favors. If you’re apprehensive about delegating authority or feel the need to micromanage employees when you do, this LIVE, virtual course can help. You’ll learn how to balance your workload, delegate assignments effectively and provide continuous learning opportunities for employees.

By assigning new responsibilities that encourage growth — and by coaching through positive feedback and reinforcement — you’ll build trust, empower employees and establish a winning culture with a happy, productive, resilient team that’s geared for high performance and driven to succeed.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hone your delegation skills for the good of your team. Sign up for this fun and interactive workshop today!


  • Learn how to balance people and projects, visions and tasks
  • Effectively delegate tasks that allow your employees to grow
  • Make continuous development a part of the team culture
  • Master coaching techniques that promote a happy, productive, resilient team


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: The Leader and the Work

  • Utilize time management principles to prioritize your current tasks
  • Explain how to properly use delegation to create better opportunities
  • Understand bench strength and discuss ways you can build it
  • Identify what stress is and how to reframe and embrace it

Session 2: Developing Others

  • Learn how to set up and maintain a culture of learning and encouragement to take on challenges
  • Discuss strategies for supporting the professional growth of others
  • Describe how to balance organizational needs with the individual employee development
  • Identify ways to increase motivation and engagement

Session 3: Coaching for Success

  • Explain the coaching style that best equips leaders to grow and develop their team
  • Discuss how effective coaching can improve employee and team performance
  • Outline how to coach employees demonstrating performance deficiencies
  • Understand how to use positive feedback and reinforcement in coaching
  • Practice providing both positive and opportunistic real-time performance feedback

Who Should Attend

Manager, supervisors, executives


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