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Defeat Decision Fatigue and Stop Overthinking LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

This LIVE, virtual course provides you with a better understanding of what’s causing you to overthink decisions and its impact on the choices you make.

Full Description

If you feel like you’re being asked to make more decisions than ever, you’re not alone. Shifting business models and fast-changing workplace dynamics have many professionals suffering from decision overload.

Being responsible for making the right call could make anyone anxious. But when decision-making becomes overwhelming — or leaves you trapped in an endless loop of second guessing yourself — you run the risk of making poor choices.

This LIVE, virtual course can help by providing you with a better understanding of what’s causing you to overthink decisions and its impact on the choices you make. You’ll get proven strategies for eliminating stress from the decision-making process and the tools to guide you forward with more confidence to make the right decisions.

What You Will Learn

  • Take the anxiety and stress out of decision-making
  • Avoid worry and getting trapped in the “paradox of choice”
  • Build confidence in your decision-making ability
  • Fight recurring feelings of indecisiveness
  • Break free of the overthinking cycle for good

Workshop Agenda

Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: How Overthinking Affects Our Decisions

  • Identify sources of anxiety and their effects on decision-making
  • Recognize how overthinking can influence our perceptions
  • Control anxieties and respond rather than react
  • Describe basic techniques for removing stress from the decision-making process
  • Explain the “paradox of choice” and why too many options can be problematic

Session 2: Taking the Stress Out of Decision Making

  • Discuss ways to be more resolute when you’re making a decision
  • Apply practical tools for prioritization and narrowing options
  • Cultivate an attitude of mindfulness to combat anxiety
  • Discover ways to involve others, even when you’re the sole decision-maker
  • Use proven techniques to give your brain a break to recalibrate

Session 3: Effective Group Decision-Making

  • Explain how to generate ideas and vet them effectively
  • Discuss ways to give everyone space to bring ideas to the table
  • Identify ways to keep overthinking out of the decision-making process
  • Effectively delegate decisions to empower others


Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, innovators, executives


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