Create Augmented Reality ARFoundation app & TEMPLATE for AR Photo app.

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Course Description

Learn to make an Augmented Reality Furniture placement app & get the template for an AR Photo app like Google stickers.

ITS IMPORTANT TO NOTE ARFOUNDATION IS VERY NEW. Unity might decide to change it which is out of my control. If you've done programming before then you're aware of version changes, but I thought I should still warn you, nothing in coding is perfect! :)

Basic knowledge
So who is this course for? Well, if you have basic knowledge in unity and would like to add AR to your skills whether its developing for AR on Android or IOS, this course is for you
If you do NOT know the basics of unity, and don't know how to build to your phone or install unity, this course is NOT for you
The best way to know if this course is right for you, is try out the first few free videos, if you get stuck drop me a line too, I'd be happy to help. If you learn from them and enjoy them, this course is for you!
You will need an AR compatible phone, iPhone or android, I've designed the course on an android but the code works for both and I even show you it working on an IOS device
I've even designed some parts of the course to work if you DONT have an AR phone aswell so you can still learn and work in the unity editor. Try out those tutorials for free too :)
This course was built using Unity version 2018.2.2f1, so please make sure you use the same version as it has been tested for that and I cannot guarantee it will work for other furthers, having said that I have been told it does work for newer version too
You should download and install Unity version 2018.2.2f1 from the unity website

What You Will Learn

  • This is the first AR course of its kind, there are 2 Key parts to this course...
  • First I'm going to teach you how to create a very simple furniture placement app, but thats not all!
  • I'll also give you the full template code for an actual AR Photo Camera app and teach you how to edit the template and add your own Gameobjects aswell.
  • You can even download a developed app built from that template NOW from the android store, just search "AR Photo Tutorial Satwant" on the Google Play Store.
  • You'll be coding in Unity and using Unity's official ARFoundation package, so the code you write will work on Android & IOS AR devices.
  • More details:
  • The first part is a simple AR furniture placement course.
  • Create a menu that will display the objects people can place
  • Learn to automatically place those Gameobjects on the ground
  • Learn where you can download different Gameobjects for free
  • Have those Gameobjects automatically rotate towards the camera
  • Additional Videos like hiding the ARPlane and Adding light estimation
  • The second part involves editing the template for an actual AR Photo app
  • The template allows for
  • Changing the icons and Gameobjects to be anything you want
  • Rotating objects using fingers
  • Simple scaling objects with two fingers
  • Taking a photo of the Augmented Reality image with environment.
  • Adding sound and animating the gameobjects
  • Without the ability to drop items to your games, how is the user meant to interact? I'll make sure you get this fundamental skill under your belt.


Building our first AR app using ARFoundation for ARCore or ARKit
Creating and developing AR test environment inside of Unity
Adding UI to our game
Placing Objects
Adding Furniture and Icons
Auto Rotation and Important Bug fix
Upgrading project to 2013.3.0f2 and upgrading ARFoundation
Bonus Standalone YouTube Videos

Course Duration: 6:51:36 AM

Course Level: Intermediate Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • A beginner or intermediate Unity developer who would like to learn how to create AR apps.
  • Someone who wants to understand how to create an essential menu they can use for all AR projects going forward.

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Computers / IT Training > Programming/Software

Training Course Summary: Create Augmented Reality ARFoundation app & TEMPLATE for AR Photo app.

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