Corporate Leadership and People Management

presented by Simpliv
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Course Description

11x videos covering the 3 key steps of people management:

Prepare and Build your team

Define your Vision, Mission and Strategy
Identify your team's Values
Clarify your team goals
Lead and manage your team

Credibility Self-Assessment and action plan
The Trust formula
The Situational Leadership model
Engage your team
Review your outcomes and improve

Review your team goals
Review your direct reports performance
Lead weekly team meetings
Direct Quarterly team reviews
2x Bonus videos:

Situational Leadership illustration
Recorded talk from a Leadership seminar in London
2x Action Toolkits in Microsoft Excel:

Credibility self-assessment
Trust formula dashboard for critical stakeholders
Basic knowledge
Time management
Setting goals for yourself
Communication skills
Presentation skills

What You Will Learn

  • Measure their level of credibility as a manager
  • Put in place an action plan on how to increase the level of Trust with their key stakeholders
  • Know precisely how to adjust their managerial style based on the situation and the individual
  • Lead a Vision, Mission and Strategy workshop with their teams
  • Ellicite their team's Values
  • Facilitate effective team meetings
  • Define clear goals for their teams
  • Define clear goals for their direct reports
  • Know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing team goals
  • Know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing individual goals
  • Discover the world class technique on how to adapt your leadership syle
  • Learn how to engage your people and motivate them


Prepare your environment
Manage your team
Review your results
Bonus videos
Resource Files

Course Duration: 1:28:33 AM

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced

Who Should Attend

  • Managers with 2-3 years of experience who want to raise their standards
  • Recently promoted managers who want to accelerate their development path
  • Future managers who want to maximize their chances for being succesful

Additional Information

Training Provider: Simpliv

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Managing/Supervising Essentials

Training Course Summary: Corporate Leadership and People Management

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