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Cash Flow Management: A Crash Course LIVE Virtual Training

presented by SkillPath Seminars

Dig into the language of cash, explore ways to improve a cash budget and how to apply cash-flow triage when needed.

Full Description

Cash flow problems can kill businesses that might otherwise survive. That’s why you need to understand direct relationship between sufficient cash flow and organizational staying power. The best way you can protect the financial health of your organization is by getting a handle the basics. 

Join us to explore the key tools of good cash management and start making better, more informed business decisions. Dig into the language of cash, explore ways to improve a cash budget and how to apply cash-flow triage when needed. You’ll get all this and more — clearly explained in plain English — when you enroll in this LIVE, online, instructor-led course.

Register today and make this the year you take ownership of your organization’s cash flow and reduce the risk of a cashflow crisis. 


  • Describe how cash flow relates to organizational staying power
  • Understand key terminology used in cash management
  • Learn how to interpret a Statement of Cash Flow
  • Determine the liquidity of your company
  • Explain how to prepare for a cash forecast


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Cash Is King

  • Define common accounting terms used in cash management
  • Identify the three key tools of cash management
  • Explain what a cash flow statement is and what it measures
  • Discuss how to interpret Statements of Cash Flow

Session 2: Liquidity — Metrics and Meaning

  • Determine your organization’s working capital cycle
  • Use key operational levers to prepare for the cash forecast
  • Examine several examples of liquidity metrics
  • Describe how to calculate and interpret liquidity metrics
  • Find out if your current ratio may be a cause for concern

Session 3: The Cash-Flow Forecast

  • Describe the drawbacks of rear-window cash-flow management
  • Explore questions and considerations for improving a cash budget
  • Understand how to build a Cash-Flow Forecast
  • Explain cash-flow triage, including when and how to administer
  • Discuss ways to avoid unexpected cash-flow deficit

Who Should Attend

Managers, Business Owners, HR Personnel


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