Accelerated Microsoft Excel Certificate Program

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Course Description

As big data continues its explosive growth — and demand for professionals with strong Excel skills continues to soar — improving your proficiency is more important than ever.

If you’re like most Excel users, you’ve been building skills for years — on the job, largely through trial and error. As a result, you may have only been able to tap a fraction of Excel’s capabilities.

That’s why we designed our Accelerated Microsoft® Excel® Certificate Program. This focused, instructor-led training will advance your knowledge of Excel as you learn how to use the full range of its powerful features.

Brought to you by SkillPath in partnership with Graceland University, this ALL-NEW virtual certificate program is a series of 5 LIVE, online, instructor-led sessions that immerse you in the best practices for designing modern, professional workbooks that manage, calculate, communicate and analyze your data. (The program is for users with intermediate knowledge of Excel and goes beyond basic introductory material.)

Engaged, active learning: Dynamic 3-hour sessions deliver lively, interactive training daily. Log into sessions from any device and you’ll still have time left in your day to put what you’ve learned into practice. Then if you’d like, you can report back to your instructor and fellow participants the next day to share your experiences and ask any questions you might have. This unique, feedback-enabled format helps to reinforce learning and strengthen your retention of vital concepts — so they stick.

Earn a Professional Certificate: By the end of the week, your enhanced skills will make you a standout among Excel users. And you’ll receive a signed Certificate of Completion, along with a digital eBadge to display your new skills and competencies.

To get the most from this Excel course, we recommend Microsoft Excel for Microsoft 365.

What You Will Learn

  • Manage data using tables, PivotTables and lists
  • Calculate data with built-in functions and complex formulas
  • Create smart data visualizations
  • Turn raw data into interactive dashboards
  • Discover a range of data analysis tools to improve decision making
  • Master data analysis by exploring next-level Excel training

Workshop Agenda

Program time: 5 days (15 total hours) Note: To protect the integrity of this virtual certificate program, participants must attend this training with cameras on for the duration of the event. Please contact customer care prior to the event with any questions or concerns.

Day 1: Managing Data

  • Review the basic tools needed for managing and analyzing vast quantities of data
  • Build tables using shortcuts, quick analysis tools and data types
  • Create PivotTables to output data
  • Track, visualize and interact with data in a tabular fashion using Microsoft Lists
  • Analyze and design PivotTable reports

Day 2: Calculating Data

  • Create custom workbook sheets with ad hoc formulas and calculations
  • Write formulas with relative, absolute and mixed cell references
  • Understand dynamic array functions, including LET and LAMBDA
  • Apply dynamic array functions using Excel’s new calculation engine
  • Build PivotTable reports using calculated items and calculated fields

Day 3: Communicating Data

  • Communicate patterns and trends more effectively with smart visualizations
  • Determine the best data visualization technique according to your needs
  • Configure cell visualizations with conditional formatting
  • Design effective charts — combination, Gauge, Gantt and more
  • Build interactive dashboards to uncover hidden insights

Day 4: Analyzing Data

  • Improve your decision-making skills through data analysis
  • Determine what data means and how you’ll use it
  • Capture data with Microsoft Forms
  • Transform your data with AI and other data analysis tools
  • Perform break-even analysis and build forecasts to reach performance goals

Day 5: Mastering Data

  • Explore Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI, the future of Excel
  • Work smarter with Excel’s next-level features
  • Use Power Query to extract, transform and load data from disparate sources
  • Use Power Pivot to model data and break the limits of Excel worksheets
  • Use Power BI to build visualizations available via HTML


Who Should Attend

Excel Users

Additional Information

Training Provider: SkillPath Seminars

Course Topics: Computers / Software Training > Office Software

Training Course Summary: This focused, instructor-led training will advance your knowledge of Excel as you learn how to use the full range of its powerful features

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