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Law Seminars, Webinars and Training Providers

Most Popular Seminars / Courses

The Probate Process From Start to Finish (9 dates/locations)
Human Resource Law Boot Camp (9 dates/locations)
Estate Administration From Start to Finish (8 dates/locations)
Special Education Law: The Ultimate Guide (6 dates/locations)
Human Resource Law from A to Z (6 dates/locations)
Auto Injury Litigation From Start to Finish (5 dates/locations)
As Judges See It: Top Mistakes Attorneys Make in Family Court (5 dates/locations)
Recreational Marijuana Business Law in Illinois (5 dates/locations)
Communicating with Judges: Motions, Conferences and More (5 dates/locations)
Advanced Employment Law: What You Need to Know (5 dates/locations)
Human Resource Law From Start to Finish (5 dates/locations)
Personal Injury Boot Camp (5 dates/locations)
Plaintiff's Personal Injury From Start to Finish (5 dates/locations)
The Judges Speak: Civil Court Litigation Do's and Don'ts (4 dates/locations)
Ensuring Local Governments Comply with the Law (4 dates/locations)
Special Education Law Toolkit (4 dates/locations)
The Probate Process from Start to Finish (4 dates/locations)
Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid (4 dates/locations)
Mini Law School for Education Professionals (4 dates/locations)
School Law: Handling Mental Health Issues (4 dates/locations)
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Most Popular Teleseminars

Final Accounting in Estate Administration (1 dates/locations)
Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence in Estate Planning and Litigation (1 dates/locations)
Step-Up Basis in Estate Planning (1 dates/locations)
Proving Psychiatric and Neurological Aspects of Traumatic Brain Injuries (1 dates/locations)
Removing Standard Title Exceptions (1 dates/locations)
SSDI: Mental Impairment Claims and RFCs (1 dates/locations)
The New Tax Law's Effects on Real Estate (1 dates/locations)
Strategies for Collecting the Judgment and Discovering Assets (1 dates/locations)
QDRO Process From Start to Finish (1 dates/locations)
Medicaid: New Rules in Benefits, Eligibility, Care Facility Regs, and More (1 dates/locations)
IEPs and FAPE: Handling Issues That Arise With Expanded Definitions (1 dates/locations)
Special Needs Trusts vs. ABLE Act Accounts: Weighing the Pros and Cons (1 dates/locations)
Drafting Single Member LLC Operating Agreements (1 dates/locations)
Insurance Bad Faith: Investigation and Discovery Tips (1 dates/locations)
Legal Ethics: Lies, Omissions and Misdirection (1 dates/locations)
Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements (1 dates/locations)
Retrieving Messages from Apps and Cell Phones in Divorce (1 dates/locations)
The Impaired Lawyer: Substance Abuse Detection, Intervention, Recovery, and Continuing Client Representation (1 dates/locations)
Title Objections: When They Should and Shouldn't be Made (1 dates/locations)
Veterans Benefits and Medicaid Planning Update (1 dates/locations)
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Most Popular Live Webinars

2020 Tax Updates for Trusts and Estates (1 dates/locations)
Back and Neck Injuries: Doctor and Attorney Perspectives (1 dates/locations)
Ethics of Attorney Email Use (1 dates/locations)
FDCPA and Foreclosure Compliance: Top Mistakes Attorneys are Currently Making (1 dates/locations)
Mastering the Jury Trial (1 dates/locations)
Music Festival Law (1 dates/locations)
SSI vs SSDI Benefits: A Crash Course (1 dates/locations)
The New CFPB Debt Collection Rules: 2020 Edition! (1 dates/locations)
Trust Tax Deductions: New Rules and Planning Approaches (1 dates/locations)
Advanced Municipal Law (1 dates/locations)
Asset and Debt Division in Divorce (1 dates/locations)
Easements and Access Issues: An Attorney's Guide (1 dates/locations)
Legal Ethics: Protecting Client Information (1 dates/locations)
Negotiating Indemnity Clauses: Expectations vs. Reality (1 dates/locations)
Real Estate Title Examinations, Commitments and More (1 dates/locations)
Representing Elderly Clients and Clients with Disabilities (1 dates/locations)
Advanced Deposition Strategies (1 dates/locations)
The New Bankruptcy Rules! (1 dates/locations)
Advanced Strategies for Negotiating Claims with Insurance Companies (1 dates/locations)
Proving/Disproving Parental Alienation (1 dates/locations)
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Most Popular On-Demand Webinars

Basics of Trust Administration (4 dates/locations)
Allocating Direct or Indirect Costs for Nonprofits (3 dates/locations)
IRS Guidelines for Good Governance for 501(c)(3) Organizations (3 dates/locations)
Unrelated Business Income Tax (3 dates/locations)
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Implementation (2 dates/locations)
9 Steps to Understanding Chapter 13 Procedures (2 dates/locations)
FCC Order Exempting Changes to Cell Towers, Communications Antennas From Zoning and Other State and Local Laws (2 dates/locations)
The Legal Hold Process for Paralegals (2 dates/locations)
Ethical Issues in Construction Law (2 dates/locations)
Ethics for Paralegals (2 dates/locations)
Corporate Recordkeeping Techniques for Paralegals (2 dates/locations)
Advanced Cash Flow Analysis (2 dates/locations)
Understanding the New Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Form (2 dates/locations)
Covenants Not to Compete and Trade Secrets (2 dates/locations)
How to Remove Defamation and Other Damaging Content from the Internet (2 dates/locations)
Curing Title Exceptions (2 dates/locations)
Email and Memos for Paralegals: A Guided Tour Through Successful Writing Techniques (2 dates/locations)
Winning Contract Disputes: Tips for Drafting, Negotiating and Litigating Contracts (2 dates/locations)
Paralegal's Guide to Skip Tracing (2 dates/locations)
Enforcement of Judgments (2 dates/locations)
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PTR Training On-Site Training Options

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