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Accounting Seminars, Webinars and Training Providers

Most Popular Seminars / Courses

Cash Management (4 dates/locations)
Accounts Receivable (3 dates/locations)
Bookkeeping (2 dates/locations)
Accounts Payable (2 dates/locations)
Principles of Cost Accounting (2 dates/locations)
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Most Popular Teleseminars

There are currently no teleseminars available for this subcategory.

Most Popular Live Webinars

Payroll Law (4 dates/locations)
IRS Form 1099 Reporting Update (3 dates/locations)
Best Practices to Manage Your Multistate Payroll (1 dates/locations)
Audit Workpapers: How to Document and Review Field Work (1 dates/locations)
Wage Garnishments: What Every Employer Needs to Know (1 dates/locations)
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Most Popular On-Demand Webinars

Managing Exemptions and Resale Certificates (4 dates/locations)
Implementing a Records Retention Program (3 dates/locations)
Independent Contractor Reporting Updates: The Battle Between W-2 and 1099 (3 dates/locations)
IRS Form 1099-MISC Reporting Requirements and Updates (3 dates/locations)
Form W4: Impact on Payroll (3 dates/locations)
Federal Tax Classification of Series LLCs (3 dates/locations)
How to Handle Travel Pay Legally (3 dates/locations)
IRS Form 941 Reporting Update (3 dates/locations)
Sales and Use Tax Issues of Internet Transactions (3 dates/locations)
Payroll Tax Update (3 dates/locations)
Unclaimed Property: Why Your Company Can't Afford NOT to Be in Compliance (3 dates/locations)
1099 Reporting of Payments to Attorneys and Other Third Parties (3 dates/locations)
ASC 740: Impacts on Your Financial Statements (3 dates/locations)
Real Estate Income Tax Issues (3 dates/locations)
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) (3 dates/locations)
Tax Reform and Business Expense Deductions: What You Need to Know (3 dates/locations)
Tax Treatment of Gift Card and Certificate Sales (3 dates/locations)
Top 5 Tips to Reduce Payment Errors and Improve Processes in Your Accounts Payable (3 dates/locations)
Top Federal Tax Issues for 2018 (2 dates/locations)
Uncovering Overlooked Tax Breaks: Planning Considerations in 2018 (2 dates/locations)
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PTR Training On-Site Training Options

Our featured training provider, PTR Training has dozens of highly sough after curricula delivered on-site at your organization. If you have 10 or more people to be trained together, review the impressive array of classes available from PTR Training.


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