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Training Seminars in Columbia, SC (South Carolina)

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Next Week's Training in Columbia

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The All-New Administrative Assistants ConferenceNational Seminars Group2/19/2020 -2/19/2020


The Conference for WomenSkillPath Seminars12/10/2019 -12/10/2019
Leadership & Management for WomenNational Seminars Group2/6/2020 -2/6/2020

BUSINESS SKILLS - Writing Skills

Business Grammar & Proofreading National Seminars Group2/10/2020 -2/10/2020

HR MGMT - Workers Comp/FMLA

Workers' Compensation from A to ZNBI, Inc.2/10/2020 -2/10/2020

LAW - Ethics

Legal Ethics: Attorney Fees and Client FundsNBI, Inc.2/18/2020 -2/18/2020

LAW - Family Law

Advanced Family Law NBI, Inc.2/24/2020 -2/24/2020

LAW - Government Law

Ensuring Local Governments Comply with the LawNBI, Inc.1/30/2020 -1/30/2020

LAW - Health Care Law

Protecting Assets While Qualifying for MedicaidNBI, Inc.1/21/2020 -1/21/2020

LAW - Land Use

Practical Guide to Zoning and Land Use Law NBI, Inc.1/17/2020 -1/17/2020

LAW - Legal Research/Writing

Find it Free and Fast on the Net: Strategies for Legal Research on the Web NBI, Inc.2/5/2020 -2/5/2020

LAW - Niche Business

The Mini MBA for AttorneysNBI, Inc.2/12/2020 -2/12/2020

LAW - Personal Injury

Plaintiff's Personal Injury From Start to Finish NBI, Inc.2/25/2020 -2/25/2020

LAW - Police Liability & UM/UIM & DWI/DUI

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Law - Made SimpleNBI, Inc.2/14/2020 -2/14/2020

LAW - Probate

Estate Administration From Start to FinishNBI, Inc.12/12/2019 -12/12/2019

LAW - Real Estate Law

Ultimate Guide to Commercial Real Estate LawNBI, Inc.2/20/2020 -2/20/2020

LAW - School Law

IEPs and 504 Plans: A Legal Compliance GuideNBI, Inc.12/9/2019 -12/10/2019
Special Education Law ToolkitNBI, Inc.5/13/2020 -5/13/2020

LAW - Trial Practice

Civil Trial From Start to FinishNBI, Inc.1/23/2020 -1/23/2020

MARKETING - Internet/Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing ConferenceSkillPath Seminars2/20/2020 -2/20/2020