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Training Seminars in Columbia, SC (South Carolina)

Training In Other South Carolina Locations

Myrtle Beach
North Charleston

Next Week's Training in Columbia


The Administrative Assistants ConferenceSkillPath Seminars2/7/2019 -2/7/2019
The Extraordinary AssistantNational Seminars Group4/3/2019 -4/3/2019

BUSINESS SKILLS - Coaching/Mentoring/Counseling

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success National Seminars Group4/16/2019 -4/16/2019

BUSINESS SKILLS - Communicating Basics

Breaking Bad Communication HabitsNational Seminars Group2/4/2019 -2/4/2019

BUSINESS SKILLS - Managing/Supervising Essentials

Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee BehaviorSkillPath Seminars3/7/2019 -3/7/2019
Management & Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors and ManagersNational Seminars Group3/27/2019 -3/28/2019

BUSINESS SKILLS - Problem Solving/Innovation

Sparking Innovation and CreativitySkillPath Seminars1/25/2019 -1/25/2019


The Conference for WomenSkillPath Seminars12/18/2018 -12/18/2018
Leadership & Management for WomenNational Seminars Group2/27/2019 -2/27/2019

BUSINESS SKILLS - Writing Skills

Business Grammar & Proofreading National Seminars Group2/6/2019 -2/6/2019
The Copywriters Workshop: 2 dayNational Seminars Group2/13/2019 -2/14/2019

COMPUTERS / Software - Office Software

Getting the Most From Microsoft® Excel®SkillPath Seminars3/12/2019 -3/12/2019

HR MGMT - Essentials/Basics

The Basics of HR LawNational Seminars Group3/1/2019 -3/1/2019

HR MGMT - Insurance/Employee Benefits

FMLA ComplianceNational Seminars Group4/2/2019 -4/2/2019

HR MGMT - Job Analysis/Compensation

Workers' Compensation Claims in 6 Steps!NBI, Inc.2/4/2019 -2/4/2019

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING - Electrical & Electronics

Electrical Diagrams Schematics & DrawingsTPC Trainco1/28/2019 -1/29/2019
Electrical Safety 70E® & Arc Flash ProtectionTPC Trainco1/30/2019 -1/31/2019
Basic Electricty for Non-ElectriciansTPC Trainco2/18/2019 -2/19/2019
Electrical Troubleshooting & Preventive MaintenanceTPC Trainco2/20/2019 -2/21/2019


Air Conditioning & RefrigerationTPC Trainco1/21/2019 -1/22/2019
Boiler Operation Maintenance and SafetyTPC Trainco1/23/2019 -1/24/2019

LAW - Asset Protection/Estate Planning

Step-by-Step Guide to Drafting Wills and Trusts NBI, Inc.1/25/2019 -1/25/2019

LAW - Family Law

Advanced Issues in Family and Divorce LawNBI, Inc.2/21/2019 -2/22/2019

LAW - Government Law

Local Government Law: What Attorneys Need to KnowNBI, Inc.1/15/2019 -1/15/2019

LAW - Land Use

Land Use Law: Current Issues in Subdivision, Annexation and ZoningNBI, Inc.1/30/2019 -1/30/2019

LAW - Personal Injury

Personal Injury From A to ZNBI, Inc.2/12/2019 -2/13/2019

LAW - Police Liability & UM/UIM & DWI/DUI

Advanced Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Law NBI, Inc.1/24/2019 -1/24/2019

LAW - Probate

Estate Planning and Administration for Family BusinessesNBI, Inc.2/25/2019 -2/25/2019

LAW - Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law Boot CampNBI, Inc.2/19/2019 -2/20/2019

LAW - School Law

IEPs and 504 Plans: A Legal Compliance GuideNBI, Inc.12/10/2018 -12/11/2018