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The Extraordinary AssistantNational Seminars Group8/10/2018 -8/10/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Assertiveness

Assertiveness Skills for Managers and SupervisorsNational Seminars Group8/27/2018 -8/27/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Communicating Basics

How to Become a Better CommunicatorSkillPath Seminars5/17/2018 -5/17/2018
Communicating with Tact Professionalism and DiplomacyNational Seminars Group8/3/2018 -8/3/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Interpersonal Skills

Developing Your Emotional IntelligenceNational Seminars Group6/27/2018 -6/27/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Managing/Supervising Essentials

Management & Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors and ManagersNational Seminars Group6/20/2018 -6/21/2018
Excelling as a Manager or SupervisorSkillPath Seminars6/26/2018 -6/26/2018
Excelling as a Manager or SupervisorSkillPath Seminars7/25/2018 -7/25/2018
How to Excel at Managing and Supervising PeopleSkillPath Seminars9/4/2018 -9/5/2018


Effective Negotiating®KARRASS4/30/2018 -5/1/2018
Effective Negotiating®KARRASS8/20/2018 -8/21/2018
Effective Negotiating®KARRASS12/6/2018 -12/7/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Prioritization/Decision-Making

Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects National Seminars Group6/7/2018 -6/7/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Problem Solving/Innovation

Sparking Innovation and CreativitySkillPath Seminars7/27/2018 -7/27/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Project Management

Fundamentals of Successful Project ManagementSkillPath Seminars6/18/2018 -6/19/2018
Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and DeadlinesSkillPath Seminars9/6/2018 -9/6/2018
Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and DeadlinesSkillPath Seminars10/4/2018 -10/4/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Speaking/Presentation Skills

Essential Skills of Dynamic Public SpeakingNational Seminars Group6/1/2018 -6/1/2018


The Conference for WomenSkillPath Seminars5/4/2018 -5/4/2018
Leadership & Management for WomenNational Seminars Group7/20/2018 -7/20/2018

BUSINESS SKILLS - Writing Skills

The Copywriters Workshop: 2 dayNational Seminars Group5/7/2018 -5/8/2018
Business Grammar & Proofreading National Seminars Group9/19/2018 -9/19/2018

COMPUTERS / Software - Office Software

Getting the Most From Microsoft® Excel®SkillPath Seminars4/25/2018 -4/25/2018
Advanced Training for Microsoft ExcelNational Seminars Group7/11/2018 -7/11/2018

HR MGMT - Certificate Programs

Internal Investigations Certificate ProgramThe Training Center Group6/25/2018 -6/27/2018
Internal Investigations Certificate ProgramThe Training Center Group11/12/2018 -11/14/2018

HR MGMT - Insurance/Employee Benefits

FMLA ComplianceNational Seminars Group7/9/2018 -7/9/2018

LAW - Asset Protection/Estate Planning

Trusts: Top ChallengesNBI, Inc.6/29/2018 -6/29/2018

LAW - Construction

Construction Contracts from Start to FinishNBI, Inc.5/15/2018 -5/15/2018

LAW - Criminal Law

Gun Law in MissouriNBI, Inc.5/14/2018 -5/14/2018

LAW - Ethics

LEGAL ETHICS: Hot Topics and Current Events NBI, Inc.6/14/2018 -6/14/2018

LAW - Family Law

Advanced Family Law NBI, Inc.6/22/2018 -6/22/2018

LAW - Personal Injury

Eliminating/Minimizing Liens in Personal Injury SettlementsNBI, Inc.5/22/2018 -5/22/2018

LAW - Probate

The Probate Process From Start to Finish NBI, Inc.5/21/2018 -5/21/2018

LAW - School Law

Applying Special Education Law to Everyday Issues - An Interactive WorkshopNBI, Inc.5/17/2018 -5/18/2018

LAW - Trial Practice

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate GuideNBI, Inc.6/27/2018 -6/28/2018

MARKETING - Internet/Social Media Marketing

Essential Content Marketing (2-Day)National Seminars Group5/21/2018 -5/22/2018
Social Media MarketingNational Seminars Group8/29/2018 -8/30/2018
The Social Media Marketing ConferenceSkillPath Seminars9/14/2018 -9/14/2018

MARKETING - Media Buying

Media Buying Boot Camp The Media Buying Academy9/10/2018 -9/13/2018