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Continuing Legal Education for Professionals
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Since 1983 National Business Institute has been one of the largest providers of legal and professional education in the nation, serving over two million professionals.

An NBI training resource will provide you with the practical knowledge you need to perform your job with greater skill and effectiveness. We work in close cooperation with more than 500 continuing legal and other education credit granting organizations. You can be confident that we carefully design our seminars to ensure that you'll be able to satisfy all of your professional training requirements.

Our training formats include:

  • Live seminars held in major metropolitan areas in all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Teleconferences, Webcasts, and Online Training
  • MP3 Downloads
  • Reference Materials in several convenient formats:
    • Downloadable for immediate access in a PDF file format
    • Electronically on CD-Rom
    • Print and soft bound
  • In-House Training

Live Seminars

Advanced Business Contracts: Secrets Only the Top Attorneys Know...

Advanced Custody and Support Issues

Advanced Employment Law: What You Need to Know

Advanced Family Law

Advanced Insurance Bad Faith

Advanced Trial Tactics

Advanced Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Law

Applying the Rules of Evidence: What Every Attorney Needs to Know

Arkansas Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers

Auto Injuries: Advanced Plaintiff Strategies

Auto Injury Litigation From Start to Finish

Auto Injury Litigation: The Ultimate Guide

Auto Injury Litigation: The Ultimate Guide

Boundary Issues and Easement Law

Brewery and Distillery Law in Connecticut

Brewery and Distillery Law in New York City

Brewery and Distillery Law in Ohio

Brewery and Distillery Law in Virginia

Business Contracts in 10 Simple Steps

Business Contracts in 9 Simple Steps

Business Law Boot Camp

Business Law: Start to Finish

Civil Court Judicial Forum: Advanced Discovery and Trial Practice

Civil Trial From Start to Finish

Civil Trial: Everything You Need to Know

Collection Law From Start to Finish

Collection Law: The Ultimate Guide

Commercial Financing and Lending in Washington

Commercial Land Use and Zoning Law

Concealed Carry Law

Construction Law Boot Camp

Construction Law From Start to Finish

Construction Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

Damages in Personal Injury

Dirty Litigation Tactics: How to Deal with the "Rambo" Litigator

Divorce Law Boot Camp

Divorce Litigation From Start to Finish

Drafting and Reviewing Business Contracts

Employment Law: 2019 Comprehensive Guide

Employment Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

Ensuring Local Governments Comply with the Law

Estate Administration Boot Camp

Estate Administration From A to Z

Estate Administration From Start to Finish

Estate Administration Procedures: Why Each Step Is Important

Estate Planning and Administration: The Complete Guide

Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers

Estate Planning from A to Z

Estate Planning: The Ultimate Guide

Estate Planning: Top 7 Tools to Know

Evidence, Science and the Law - Learn From the Experts!

Family Law From A to Z

Family Law From Start to Finish

FDCPA and Collection Law

FDCPA Compliance for the Indiana Practitioner

Gross Receipts Tax: Fundamentals and Strategies

Guns, Marijuana, Opioids and Alcoholic Beverages

Handling Auto Injury Claims

Handling Real Estate Transactions From Start to Finish

Handling the Sale of a Business

Handling the Workers' Compensation Case From Start to Finish

Hearsay, Email, Business Records and Social Media - in the Trenches!

How to Get Your Social Media, Email and Text Evidence Admitted (and Keep Theirs Out)

How to Use Trusts to...

Human Resource Law Boot Camp

Human Resource Law from A to Z

Human Resource Law From Start to Finish

Human Resource Law: What You Need to Know Now

IEP and 504 Plan Legal Workshop

Injury Claims: Anatomy & Physiology Made Simple

Insurance Bad Faith "Set-Up" in Mississippi

Kansas Employment Law

Land Use and Zoning From Start to Finish

Land Use Law: Current Issues in Subdivision, Annexation and Zoning

Legal Descriptions, Title Insurance and Surveys in Real Estate Transactions

Legal Ethics of Email

Legal Ethics of Technology Competence

Legal Ethics: Attorney Fees and Client Funds

Legal Ethics: Top Challenges

Limited Liability Companies

Litigating Civil Cases From Start to Finish

Marijuana Business Law in Florida

Marijuana Business Law in Massachusetts

Marijuana Business Operations

Massachusetts Employment Law

Medicaid Asset Planning: A Practical Toolkit

Medicaid Planning

Medical Marijuana Law in Maryland

Mini Law School for HR Professionals

Negotiating Contracts on Tribal Lands

Negotiating Indemnification, Reps, Warranties and More in Business Contracts

Obtaining Evidence From Electronic Devices

Pain and Suffering Damages in Personal Injury

Personal Injury 101

Personal Injury Boot Camp

Personal Injury From A to Z

Personal Injury Litigation: Secrets and Insider Tips

Plaintiff's Personal Injury From Start to Finish

Plaintiff's Personal Injury: Advanced Practice

Practical Guide to Zoning and Land Use Law

Probate and Trust Administration

Probate and Trust Litigation

Probate Boot Camp

Probate Process: Step by Step Walk-Through

PROBATE: Everything You Need to Know.

Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid

Real Estate Law 101

Real Estate Law Boot Camp

Real Estate Transactions From A to Z

Real Estate Transactions Toolkit

Resolving Boundary Disputes in New Mexico

Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

Special Education Law: The Ultimate Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Drafting Wills and Trusts

Student Safety: Laws and Liabilities

Tax Exempt Organizations Boot Camp

Tennessee Employment Law

The Judges Speak: Civil Court Litigation Do's and Don'ts

The Judges Speak: Family Court Do's and Don'ts

The Mini MBA for Attorneys

The Probate Process from Start to Finish

The Probate Process From Start to Finish

The Probate Process in Florida

The Probate Process in Missouri

The Probate Process in New Jersey

The Probate Process in North Carolina

The Probate Process in Utah

The Rules of Evidence: A Practical Toolkit

The Top Special Education Legal Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The Ultimate Guide to Probate

Title Law Boot Camp

Title Law in Idaho

Title Law in Vermont

Top 10 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 LLC Mistakes to Avoid in Everyday Business Practices

Top 6 LLC Mistakes to Avoid in Everyday Business Practices

Top 7 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid

Top 9 LLC Mistakes to Avoid in Everyday Business Practices

Top Challenges in Family Law

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Doctor and Attorney Perspectives

Trusts 101

Trusts and Taxes From A to Z

Trusts From A to Z

Trusts: The Ultimate Guide

Trusts: The Ultimate Guide

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Law - Made Simple

Voir Dire and Jury Selection

Water Rights in Colorado

What Civil Court Judges Want You to Know

Why Employers Get Sued: How You Can Stop It

Wills and Trusts 101

Winery and Vineyard Law

Workers' Compensation from A to Z

Workers' Compensation Fundamentals

Workers' Compensation: Critical Essentials from Both Sides of the Aisle

Wrongful Death Litigation: Start-to-Finish

Your Title Law Toolkit

Your Top 10 Employment Law Questions: Answered

Your Top 11 Employment Law Questions: Answered

Live Teleseminars

1031 Exchanges

Attorney Ethics and Smartphones: Practical Compliance Guide

Attorney Ethics: What NOT to Do on Social Media

Calculating Pain and Suffering in Auto Injury

Challenging Vocational Experts: Tactics that Work

Client Confidentiality and Exceptions and Limitations to Attorney-Client Privilege

Creditor's Rights in Bankruptcy

Current Legal Ethics Challenges: What You Need to Know

Evidence Rules: Hearsay Pitfalls and Strategies

FMLA, ADA and Workers' Comp: Ensuring Compliance and Avoiding Violations

How the New Tax Cut Jobs Act (TCJA) Impacts Businesses

IEPs and FAPE: Handling Issues That Arise With Expanded Definitions

Income Tax in Estate Planning

Insurance Bad Faith: Detangling Privilege and Other Discovery Problems

Insurance Bad Faith: What Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Find

IRA Trusts: Top Mistakes

Is the Will Valid? Testator Mental Capacity and Influence by Heirs

Land Use, Zoning and New Development: Current Legal Challenges

Legal Ethics in a Nutshell

Legal Ethics of Client Data Protection and Confidentiality

Legal Ethics Update: Proper Use of Pronouns and Other Subtle but Important Details

Liens and Subrogation in Auto Injury

Limited Liability Company vs. S-Corporation: Key Fundamentals

LLC, C-Corp or S-Corp - New Tax Law

Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnosis and More

New 2019 Employment Laws, Rules, Regs and Recent Changes

New FDCPA Case Law

Nondisclosure Agreement Fundamentals

Nonprofit Board Governance and Liability

Personal Injury: What Insurance Companies Don't Want Plaintiffs to Know

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Workers' Comp Claims

Probate Process: Quick Timeline Overview and Checklist

Property Division and Double Dip Consideration in Divorce

QDROs 101

Real Estate Leases: Negotiating Key Provisions

Sale of Real Estate in Probate: New IRS Release of Estate Tax Lien

Sexual Harassment in Schools: Interpreting the Latest Legal Guidelines

Short-Term Rentals: Municipal Regulatory Issues

Social Media in the Workplace: Policies, Litigation and More

Special Needs Trusts vs. ABLE Act Accounts: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Substance Abuse and Mental Health in the Legal Practice: What You Need to Know

Text Message Evidence in Divorce Litigation

The IRS 501(c)(3) Application Process

Title Law: What You Need to Know in 2019

Top 23 Legal Ethics Mistakes Attorneys Make

Top Single Member LLC Mistakes to Avoid

Trusts Asset Protection: New Critical Case Law You Need to Know

UM/UIM Coverage Pitfalls

Using LLCs to Invest in Real Estate

What the New Tax Law Means for Partnership and Operating Agreements

Wrapping Up the Estate: Final Accounting and Tax Returns

Live Webinars

2019 HIPAA UPDATE: Recent Changes, Current Issues, New Rules and Requirements

Accounting 101 for Attorneys

Advanced Deposition Strategies

Advanced Insurance Bad Faith

Advanced Plaintiff's Personal Injury

Attorney Ethics of E-mail and Texting: Essential Do's and Don'ts

Attorney Ethics: Practical How-tos for Guarding Your Reputation

Authenticating and Admitting Evidence in Personal Injury

Auto Injury Cases: Calculating and Proving Damages

Brewery and Distillery Law

Cell and Wireless Tower Law

Cell Tower Zoning, Placement and Leases

Civil Trial Case Presentation: From Start to Finish

Collecting From LLC's - NEW Case Law, Strategies and Requirements

Collection Law From Start to Finish

Commercial Real Estate Loan Documentation Landmines and Challenges

Complex Medical Malpractice Issues - What Doctors and Attorneys Need You to Know

Complex Social Security Law Issues

Construction Contracts and Payment Issues

Construction Contracts: The Complete Guide

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain and More: A Legal Guide

Damages in Wrongful Death: How to...

Debt Collection Strategies and Secrets

Divorce Law: Hot Topics and Challenges

Divorce Law: What to do When Asset Division Goes Wrong

Divorce Litigation: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Divorce: Gathering Evidence From Electronic Devices

Drafting a Living Trust: From Start to Finish

Employee Handbooks: Top Legal Pitfalls

Employee Internal Investigations: The Ultimate Legal Guide

Estate Administration From Start to Finish

Estate Planning from Start to Finish

Everyday Legal Ethics

Expert Witnesses: The Attorney's Complete Guide

Hidden Assets in Divorce

How To Become An Immigration Attorney

How to Lay a Foundation to Get Your Evidence Introduced

Human Resource Law 101

IRA Beneficiaries: Trusts, Individuals and Distributions

Jury Selection: Advanced Techniques

Key Cross-Examination Tactics Every Lawyer Must Know

Legal Descriptions, Title Insurance and Surveys in Real Estate Transactions

Legal Ethics of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Use by Attorneys

Legal Ethics of Online Communications: Practical Strategies

Legal Ethics: Common Small Firm Problems and Their Remedies

LEGAL ETHICS: Hot Topics and Current Events

Legal Ethics: Top 10 Client Mistakes

Legal Ethics: Top 6 Emergent Risks

LLC Operating Agreements: Start to Finish

Marijuana Business Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

Mastering the Basics of Employment Law

Medicaid and Veterans (VA) Benefits: Planning for Lookback Periods and Ensuring Eligibility

Medicaid Asset Transfer Rules and Techniques

Medicaid Eligibility Planning From A to Z

Medical Malpractice Boot Camp

Medicare Secondary Payer Act: New CMS Rules and Case Law for Liability and No Fault Settlements

Negotiating Injury Claims: Secrets and Insider Tips

New Marijuana Business Tax Planning Strategies

Online Legal Research Secrets Every Attorney Should Know

Qualifying for Medicaid in 7 Steps

Real Estate Closings from Start to Finish

Smartphone, Text and Social Media Evidence in Family Law

Social Media, Email and Text Evidence: Authenticating and Admitting

Social Security Disability Bootcamp

Step-Up Basis in Trusts and LLCs

Strategically Using Indemnification Provisions in Contracts

Tax Reform: The Big Changes You Need to Know

The Art of Trial: Essential Strategies

The Attorney's Guide to Subpoenas

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Employees

Top 12 Ways Debt Collectors are Currently Breaking the Law: FDCPA Violations and More

Top Social Security Disability Tactics

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Key Challenges for Attorneys

Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation: Doctor and Attorney Insights

Trial: 30 Key Errors to Avoid

Truck Accident Litigation From Start to Finish

Trust Do's and Don'ts

Trust Tax Deductions: New Rules You Need to Know Now

Trusts from Start to Finish

Ultimate Guide to Slip, Trip and Fall Cases

Valuing the Personal Injury Claim Quickly and Accurately