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Continuing Legal Education for Professionals
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Since 1983 National Business Institute has been one of the largest providers of legal and professional education in the nation, serving over two million professionals.

An NBI training resource will provide you with the practical knowledge you need to perform your job with greater skill and effectiveness. We work in close cooperation with more than 500 continuing legal and other education credit granting organizations. You can be confident that we carefully design our seminars to ensure that you'll be able to satisfy all of your professional training requirements.

Our training formats include:

  • Live seminars held in major metropolitan areas in all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Teleconferences, Webcasts, and Online Training
  • MP3 Downloads
  • Reference Materials in several convenient formats:
    • Downloadable for immediate access in a PDF file format
    • Electronically on CD-Rom
    • Print and soft bound
  • In-House Training

Live Seminars

Live Teleseminars

Live Webinars

2020 Tax Updates for Trusts and Estates

5 Profitability KPIs Every Law Firm Needs to Know

7 Steps to CCPA Compliance; Enforcement & Litigation Update

A Checklist Approach to Skip Tracing

ADA Accommodations Guide 2021: The Interactive Process & Thorny Leave Issues

Adoption Law 2020

ADR: Your Guide to Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration

Advanced Personal Injury

Advanced Real Estate Contracts

Advising Late-in-Life Divorce Clients

Alabama Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Alabama Estate Planning Essentials

Alcoholic Beverage Law 2021: Case Law, Trends & Effervescent Issues

Antitrust 2020 - Top Issues & Trends

Applying the Rules of Evidence: Get Yours in, Keep Theirs Out

Arizona Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

Arizona Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

Assessing Lady Bird Deeds and Other Medicaid Planning Approaches

Asset Purchase Agreement Drafting Essentials

Attorney's Guide to File Retention, Destruction and Security

Attorney's Guide to Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Authenticating and Admitting Evidence: Avoiding Top Mistakes

Auto Injury Cases: From Crash to Trial

Bad Faith: Secrets Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Bankruptcy Year in Review 2020

Bankruptcy: From the Creditor's Perspective

Bias in Legal Writing

Billing and Timekeeping Best Practices

Black Box Ethics: AI & Disruptive Tech in Law

Breaking Down the Fair Use Defense

Brewery and Distillery Law in Georgia

California Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Cannabusiness Top Legal Mistakes 2020

CARES Act & Real Estate Tax

CFPB Developments & Trends 2020

Charitable Trusts and Donor-Advised Funds

Civil Court Judicial Forum: Advanced Discovery and Trial Practice

Civil Trial Case Presentation

Client Intake & Your Bottomline

Colorado Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Colorado Estate Planning Essentials

Commercial Collections Toolkit

Commercial Real Estate Leasing - The Top 20 Things You Must Know

Conducting Employee Internal Investigations

Confronting Bias with Cultural Competence

Connecticut Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Constitutional Limitations on Zoning Actions

Construction Law 101

Creating a Trial Notebook - The Attorney's Checklist to Trial

Curing Survey, Easement and Boundary Problems

Damages & Liens in Personal Injury

Damages in Auto Injury

Dealing with Problem Clients in Personal Injury Cases

Debt Collection Boot Camp

Delaware Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Delaware LLC and Partnership Developments 2021

Deposition Strategies and Questions in Nursing Home Cases

Digital Forensics: What Every Attorney Needs to Know

Disciplining Students with Behavioral Issues

Discovering Hidden Assets in Divorce

Dissolving, Winding Up & Terminating LLCs

Divorce Litigation From Start to Finish

Divorce Motion & Trial Practice

Divorce Procedure & Settlement Agreements

Dog Bite Litigation

Drafting & Negotiating Risk Allocation Provisions in Ohio

Drafting & Negotiating Risk Allocation Provisions in Pennsylvania

Drafting Effective Social Media Policies

Drafting Real Estate Operating Agreements

Driving Diversity in the Workplace Without Discriminating: A Legal Guide

Eminent Domain: Appraisals and Just Compensation

Employment Law: 2020 Comprehensive Guide

Estate Administration From Start to Finish

Estate Inventory & Final Accounting

Estate Planning: The Ultimate Guide

Ethical Alternative Fee Arrangements: Rethinking the Menu

Expert Witnesses: From Hire to Trial

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate Guide

Federal Court: Start to Finish

Film Law 101

Financial Statement Analysis for Attorneys

Firearms in Estate Administration

Five Mistakes I Made as a New Personal Injury Attorney and How to Avoid Them

Florida Estate Planning Essentials

Georgia Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Georgia Estate Planning Essentials

Getting to Clarity: 25 Tips for Drafting Better Agreements

Handling the Sale of a Business

Hot Topics in Foreclosure Litigation & Compliance

How to Avoid Common Trust Account Mistakes

How to Collect Evidence From Smartphones & Other Electronic Devices

How to Draft LLC Operating Agreements

How to Legally Handle Bad Egg Employees

How to Negotiate Personal Injury Claims with Insurance Companies

HR Best Practices: Legal Knowledge and Practical Skills

Human Resource Law Boot Camp

Human Resource Law From Start to Finish

IEP and 504 Plan Legal Workshop

Illinois Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Immigration Law Nuts and Bolts

Incivility, Ethics & Zeal - Where's the Line?

Indiana Estate Planning Essentials

In-House Counsel Update 2020

Intellectual Property: Confidentiality and NDAs

Intro to Product Liability Litigation

Introducing Evidence and Overcoming Objections

Iowa Employment Law & HR Update 2021

IRAs, Pensions and Survivor Benefits in Estate Planning

Ironclad Indemnification Provisions in Business Agreements

IRS Form 1041 in Estate Administration

Judges Tell All: Practical Advice for Working With the Court

Land Use and Zoning From Start to Finish

Legal Descriptions, Title Insurance & Surveys in Real Estate Transactions

Legal Ethics 2020: Hot Topics, Trends & Opinions

Legal Ethics: Top 10 Mistakes in Everyday Practice

Lien Stripping in Bankruptcy

Liens in Personal Injury Settlements: A How-to-Guide

Litigation & Post-Judgment Strategies for Collection Attorneys

LLC or S-Corp? 2021 Update

Louisiana Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Maine Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Making Client Meetings More Productive

Managing Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Marijuana Corporate Formation, Contracts, Commercial Real Estate and More

Marshalling Assets in Estate Administration: Commonly Overlooked Assets

Maryland Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

Maryland Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

Massachusetts Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Mastering Non-Compete Agreements & Non-Solicitation Clauses

Mastering the Basics of Discovery

Mastering the Handbook - 2020 Updates & Drafting Tips

Medicaid Asset Protection

MEDICAID: Briefs, Fair Hearings and Appeals

Medical Expenses in Personal Injury: Coding, Collateral Source Issues and More

Michigan Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Mini Law School for HR Professionals

Mini Med School for Attorneys

Mississippi Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Missouri Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Mistakes that Expose Trusts and Other Planning Tools to Creditors

Municipal Law From Start to Finish

Navigating Sales Tax Nexus in the Post-Wayfair Environment

Nebraska Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Nebraska Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

Nebraska Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

Negotiating Personal Injury Claims

Negotiating Triple Net Leases

Nevada Employment Law & HR Update 2021

New Jersey Employment Law & HR Update 2021

New Jersey Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

New Jersey Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

New Mexico Employment Law & HR Update 2021

New Mexico Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

New Mexico Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

New York City Employment Law & HR Update 2021

New York City Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

New York City Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

North Carolina Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Nursing Home and Hospital Fall Injury Litigation Strategies

Obtaining Small Business Benefits in Government Contracting

Ohio Estate Planning Essentials

Oklahoma Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Opioids & Chronic Pain in Workers' Compensation

Oregon Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Parental Alienation: Evidence, Witnesses, Case Law Updates

Pennsylvania Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Per Stirpes vs. Per Capita Distribution

Personal Injury Litigation Process, Procedures & Documents

Personal Injury: Calculating Damages and Drafting Demand Letters

Personal Injury: The Top 8 Evidence Mistakes to Avoid

Placement Issues for Special Needs Students: LRE, Discipline and More

Pleadings & Motions: Civil Practice Tips & Examples

Pre-Existing Injuries: Proving Exacerbation and/or Aggravation

Preparing Alabama Wills & Trusts

Preparing Colorado Wills & Trusts

Preparing Florida Wills & Trusts

Preparing Georgia Wills & Trusts

Preparing Indiana Wills & Trusts

Preparing Ohio Wills & Trusts

Preparing Virginia Wills & Trusts

Privacy Issues in Education: FERPA, COPPA and More

Privilege and Waiver Issues in the Digital Age

Property, Custody, Child Support & Maintenance Issues

Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid

Quiet Title Actions: A Primer

Reading Survey Maps and Legal Descriptions: With Samples

Real Estate Contracts: Purchase & Sale Agreements, Leases & More

Real Estate Transactions & Closings

Real Estate Transactions: Avoiding Pitfalls with Purchase and Sale Agreements, Loan and Other Documentation

Retrieving Messages from Apps and Cell Phones in Divorce

Running Lean - Cost Control Strategies for Solo & Small Firms

Scaling Down and Succession Planning for Law Firms

School Law: Handling Mental Health Issues

Sexual Misconduct in Higher Education: Title IX Then & Now

Small Firm Ethics: Everyday Problems Solved

Smartphone and Social Media Evidence in Family Law

Social Media and Marketing Ethics 101

South Carolina Estate Administration Process & Alternatives

South Carolina Probate Litigation & Fiduciary Duties

Step-by-Step Guide to Drafting Wills and Trusts

Storytelling and Persuasion for Lawyers

Student Suicide and the Law

Tax Fundamentals for Estate Planning Attorneys

Taxation of Trusts and Estates 101

Taxes in Estate Administration: Basis Reporting and Other Key Issues

Tennessee Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence in Estate Planning and Litigation

Texas Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Texas School Law Update 2021

The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Family Lawyers Make

The Attorney's Guide to Real Estate Closings

The Coronavirus' Effects on Real Estate

The IRS 501(c)(3) Application Process

The Law of the Land: Hunting, Fishing and Access

The Mini MBA for Attorneys

The Top Ohio Contract Cases Every Attorney Should Know

The Top Pennsylvania Contract Cases Every Attorney Should Know

The Trial of a Divorce Case

Title Due Diligence: Complex Issues and Answers

Title Search and Examination: A Comprehensive Guide

Top 11 FMLA Problems Solved

Top 3 Trusts Right Now and How to Use Them

Top 30 Trial Mistakes Made by Attorneys

Top 8 Title Defects - Cured.

Top Social Security Disability Claim Mistakes to Avoid and Correct

Top Tips & Traps - Non-Profit Governance, Bylaws and Operations

Trauma-Informed Client Representation

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases 101: Plaintiff, Defense and Doctor Perspectives

Trial Preparation & Jury Selection

Trusts and Estates Practice Essentials: What You Need to Know

Trying a Civil Case: Your Day in Court

Unconscious Bias for Litigators

USPTO Update: Recent Rulings & Procedures

Utility Zoning and Easement Law

Virginia Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Virginia Estate Planning Essentials

Virginia School Law Update 2021

Voir Dire: Questions and Tactics to Uncover Hidden Biases

Washington Employment Law & HR Update 2021

West Virginia Employment Law & HR Update 2021

What Attorneys Need to Know About Personal Political Speech and Activity

What Every Attorney Needs to Know about Domestic Abuse

Wills vs. Trusts: The Ultimate Guide

Wisconsin Employment Law & HR Update 2021

Wisconsin School Law Update 2021

Your Complete Guide to Construction Contracts

You're Fired: How to Ethically Terminate Attorney-Client Relationships