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Neurodevelopmental Movement Training, Rhythmic Movement Training
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At Move Play Thrive, we specialize in teaching practical tools for building brain and neuro-sensory-motor foundations. By working with fetal and infant movement patterns, reflexes and tactile tools, we integrate the brain and neuro-sensory-motor foundation first making higher-level skills much easier to accomplish without compensation.

Great results are the norm for practitioners using these tools and professionals say our courses are among the best theyve ever attended.

These tools offer effective help for the growing number of children and adults who struggle with sensory processing disorders, autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, developmental and speech delay, behavioral challenges, cerebral palsy, PTSD, TBI, Parkinsons disease and other learning, social, emotional and physical challenges.

Courses are approved and/or accepted for CE's and CEU's for most professionals. Due to individual state and board requirements students must check with their licensing agency for confirmation.

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