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Presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations
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A Company with a Reputation for Success
Lorman Education Services, a division of Lorman Business Center, Inc., organized its first successful continuing education seminar for professionals in 1987.

Since then, thousands of seminars have served professionals in the United States and internationally, keeping them current on the most pressing topics in a rapidly changing marketplace of ideas. Like you, we understand the need for concise, accurate information.

That understanding underlies each Lorman seminar, presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations critical to your organization's successful daily operations.

The faculty for Lorman Education Services seminars are among the leading professionals you respect in your area. We have taken the time to recruit professionals who work daily with the critical issues in your field. Moreover, each seminar receives our painstaking attention to be certain both the faculty and participants receive the individual attention necessary to achieve maximum benefit from the materials.

Mission Statement

Lorman will lead the industry in providing the highest quality, cutting-edge educational seminars, products and information through various media.

Strategy Statement:

To fulfill our mission, Lorman is committed to:

  1. Reinforcing our brand and name recognition by anticipating customer needs and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our faculty.
  2. Conducting research and development while testing and reviewing our methods of operation in a never-ending effort to continually improve our business.
  3. Setting high standards by providing employees an environment that promotes excellence, growth and teamwork.
  4. Pursuing profitable growth by taking smart, calculated risks and encouraging innovative, unconventional ideas.

Value Statement:

To execute our strategy, Lorman is guided by seven core values.

  • We have Passion
  • We are Positive
  • We have a Sense of Urgency
  • We make Smart Decisions
  • We are Focused
  • We are Competitive
  • We are Innovative Risk Takers

Live Webinars

A Path to Your Ultimate Career Success by Expanding Powerful Personal and Business Networks

Active Attacker in the Workplace: Response and Safety Plans

ADA Interaction with Addictions and Personal Habits

Amending Forms W-2 and 941

Asserting and Defending the Bank Examination Privilege in Litigation

Asset Spend Down Requirements in Order to Qualify for Medicaid and Other Benefits

Avoiding Mistakes in Behavioral Health Documentation and Coding

Avoiding OSHA Complaints and Workplace Incidents: How Proactive Supply Chain Management Reduces Risk

Bankruptcy Accounting and Tax Considerations

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive: Creating Professional and Realistic Boundaries in the Workplace

Best Practices for Returning to Work Legally and Effectively After COVID-19

Best Practices for Successful Event Planning

Best Practices for Utilizing Google Calendar

Build Value Without Discounting Prices

Business Writing Fundamentals: Finding Common Mistakes

Buyer's Representations and Warranties in a Business Sale

Common Payroll Misconceptions

Compliance Issues for Texting Applicants

Construction Recordkeeping and Documentation Requirements for Government Contracts

Controllership Compliance Skills: Alliances and M&A

COVID-19 and the Commercial Lender

Creating a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) That Works

Debt Collection: An Introductory Perspective

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Procedures

Doing Business in Texas: An Overview of the Texas Franchise (Margin) Tax

Drafting Settlement Agreements in Employment Related-Litigation

Effective Exit Interviews

Emotional Intelligence for Support Staff

EPA's New Regulated Waste Definition Under RCRA

Estate Planning Considerations for Dual Residents

Evergreen Clause Contract Fundamentals

Facilities Management: Spill and Hazard Clean Up

Financial Management Tools

FMLA Issues Involving Medical Certifications

Form 10-K and How to Avoid Regulatory Actions From the SEC

Form W4: Impact on Payroll

From Butterflies to Speaking Highs: Presenting with Confidence

Fundamentals of Electrical Safety in Construction

Fundamentals of Pre-Bankruptcy Repossession

Greetings, Salutations, and Jargon: Business Etiquette for the Administrative Professional

Guidance on Partnership Disguised Sales and Liabilities

HazCom Guidelines for Safety Data Sheets

Hot Topics For Nonprofits In Cause Marketing

How to Be Proactive After a Medical Denial

How to Draft and Negotiate a Restaurant Lease

How to Leverage Your Organization's Culture

How to Reduce the Risk of Government Audits of Health and Welfare Plans

How to Respond to an Audit Letter Requesting Information About Your Client's Case

How to Successfully Identify, Propose, Win and Manage Government Contracts

HR Budgeting: Translate Your Goals Into Revenue Terms

Independent Contractor Classification: What to Do and Not Do

Innovative Trends in Technology Contracting

Integrating Your Microsoft Office Programs

International Tax Forms and Reporting Requirements

Internet Tax Research

Key Operating Reports for the HR Professional

Key Ratio Analysis of Financial Statements

LEED and Sustainable Design Building Materials

Legal Responsibilities When Monitoring Your Employees On and Off the Clock

Lethal and Nonlethal Uses of Force

Make Your Company ROAR: Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain Top Talent

Manufacturing Tax Incentives Update

Marshalling Assets in Estate Planning

Minimizing Risk in Economic Development Incentive Projects

Multiple Party Settlement Negotiation Strategies to Benefit Your Client

Nonprofit Month-End Closing Checklist

Nonprofit Obligations Under a Memorandum of Understanding

Nonresident Employee Withholding

Obligations and Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Serving on Nonprofit Boards

Performance Metrics for Your Remote Workforce

Police Misconduct Update: Front Burner Topics under ß 1983

Recruiting Benchmarks

Restructuring Trusts for the New Tax Law: Trusts Under the SECURE Act

Selling Cell Leases to Address COVID-19 Financial Challenges

Solving Problems With Critical Thinking

Strategies to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Tax Law Research Best Practices

Taxation and Estate Planning for Clients With Collectible Assets

Techniques for Balancing Work and Home Life

Teleworking and Reasonable Accommodation During a Pandemic

The Development Plan: Why You Need One and How to Create One That Works

The Effects of Going Concern Appraisals on Lending

The Most Common Legal Mistakes Made When Handling Medical Records and How to Avoid Them

Tips and Tricks for Legally Terminating an Employee

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Payment Errors and Improve Processes in Your Accounts Payable

Top Techniques for Financial Forecasting

Trademark Law for Paralegals

U.S. Cybersecurity Law

Understand a Paralegal's Role in Employee Benefits Law

Understanding AIA Document D503-2020 Guide for Sustainable Projects

Understanding Serious Health Conditions Under FMLA

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Interactive Process

Understanding the Apportionment Rules for Service-Based Businesses

Understanding the Complexities of Form 5472 and Its Transfer Pricing Implications

Understanding the Math of Your Health Plan Renewal

Value-Based Pricing, Bidding and Marketing

Valuing Your Imports for U.S. Customs Entry

What Every Businessperson Needs to Know About Legal Issues in Contracts

What You Should and Should Not Use the Business Credit Account for

What's the Business Worth? Commonly Accepted Business Valuation Techniques

Whistle-Blower Complaints and COVID-19: How to Deal With the Increase of Liability

Writing Effective Demand Letters in the Age of COVID-19

Writing Job Descriptions