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Presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations
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A Company with a Reputation for Success
Lorman Education Services, a division of Lorman Business Center, Inc., organized its first successful continuing education seminar for professionals in 1987.

Since then, thousands of seminars have served professionals in the United States and internationally, keeping them current on the most pressing topics in a rapidly changing marketplace of ideas. Like you, we understand the need for concise, accurate information.

That understanding underlies each Lorman seminar, presenting the latest information on the laws and regulations critical to your organization's successful daily operations.

The faculty for Lorman Education Services seminars are among the leading professionals you respect in your area. We have taken the time to recruit professionals who work daily with the critical issues in your field. Moreover, each seminar receives our painstaking attention to be certain both the faculty and participants receive the individual attention necessary to achieve maximum benefit from the materials.

Mission Statement

Lorman will lead the industry in providing the highest quality, cutting-edge educational seminars, products and information through various media.

Strategy Statement:

To fulfill our mission, Lorman is committed to:

  1. Reinforcing our brand and name recognition by anticipating customer needs and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with our faculty.
  2. Conducting research and development while testing and reviewing our methods of operation in a never-ending effort to continually improve our business.
  3. Setting high standards by providing employees an environment that promotes excellence, growth and teamwork.
  4. Pursuing profitable growth by taking smart, calculated risks and encouraging innovative, unconventional ideas.

Value Statement:

To execute our strategy, Lorman is guided by seven core values.

  • We have Passion
  • We are Positive
  • We have a Sense of Urgency
  • We make Smart Decisions
  • We are Focused
  • We are Competitive
  • We are Innovative Risk Takers

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