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The most successful negotiation seminar in the United States
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The most successful negotiation seminar in the United States was created and designed by Dr. Chester L. Karrass. Dr. Karrass brings extensive experience, advanced academic credentials in negotiation techniques, and over 35 years experience in seminar delivery no other negotiator in the country can match. After earning an Engineering degree from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Business from Columbia University, Dr. Karrass became a negotiator for the Hughes organization. There he won the first Howard Hughes Doctoral Fellowship Award, and spent three years conducting advanced research and experimentation in negotiation techniques before earning his Doctorate from the University of Southern California. He then returned to Hughes as a negotiation consultant.

In 1968, Dr. Karrass used his research and experience to develop Effective Negotiating®. This powerful, pioneering seminar was designed to help business people master the strategies, tactics, and psychological insights of negotiating.

Dr. Karrass began these seminars at a time most business executives and professionals did not realize how much negotiation was a part of their daily business lives. Today, more than 800,000 professionals, including salespeople, buyers, corporate leaders, managers, engineers, financial officers, C.E.O.s, and international business people have attended Dr. Karrass' Effective Negotiating® seminar. Many of these participants have attended the Effective Negotiating® seminar In-House at their companies, and more than half of the Fortune 500 corporations currently license the KARRASS program. Dr. Karrass is the author of four books on negotiation, including 'The Negotiating Game', 'Give and Take' and 'In Business as in Life - You Don't Get What You Deserve You Get What You Negotiate'. They are all best sellers in their field.

Effective Negotiating® a world of power with many options.

KARRASS seminars are presented regularly in over 65 North American cities, including Canada and Mexico, plus another 17 cities worldwide.

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