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Portfolio Management On-Site Training

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This 2-day program teaches you the tools and techniques to help you select the right projects for investment.

Workshop Description/Agenda

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Course Format:
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Standard Times
Classroom Training
2 days
Portfolio and Project Managers, PMO Staff, PMPs
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

This 2-day program teaches you the tools and techniques to help you select the right projects for investment. You will prioritize investment projects against other projects competing for the same pool of resources, terminate them when they don’t meet target objectives, and complete them successfully to meet organizational goals. Through case studies and real world examples, you will learn to maximize business value through alignment, balance and consistency. You will apply a management framework called Project Portfolio Management Scorecard (PSC) that directly links business strategy to desired results.

Learning Objectives

  • Delineate an overall project portfolio management (PPM) methodology.
  • Discuss the four building blocks of portfolio management.
  • Illustrate the role of a project portfolio in translating strategy into results.
  • Introduce a PPM scorecard (PSC) that synthesizes and integrates the numerous and complex metrics into one framework.
  • Present quantitative techniques to objectively assess a project for its own merit and its relative merit against other projects.
  • Illustrate the use of weighted scoring models to quantify project intangible benefits.
  • Evaluate decision techniques that clarify choices involving both risks and opportunities.
  • Apply criteria to prioritize projects.
  • Build a business case for a project.
  • Delineate criteria to determine when a project no longer serves its purpose and needs to be terminated.

Course Agenda

  1. Introduction
    1. Project, program, and portfolio
    2. Life cycle of portfolio components
    3. Why portfolio management?
    4. PPM discipline today
    5. PPM methodology, phases and processes


  2. Portfolio Design
    1. Basic portfolio theory
    2. Portfolio comparison: financial & project
    3. Efficient frontier
    4. Portfolio design processes
    5. Value maximization
    6. Goal alignment
    7. Portfolio balancing
    8. Long-term performance


  3. PPM Tools & Techniques
    1. Non-numeric models
    2. Numeric financial models
    3. Weighted scoring models
    4. Ranking models
    5. PPM scorecard (PSC)
    6. PPM software


  4. Portfolio Construction
    1. Project identification
    2. Project categorization
    3. Project assessment
    4. Project prioritization
    5. Project screening
    6. Project selection
  5. Portfolio Control
    1. Mid project assessment
    2. Why terminate a project?
    3. Portfolio redistribution
    4. Portfolio assessment

Who Should Attend

Portfolio and Project Managers, PMO Staff, PMPs

Additional Information

Training Provider: PTR Training

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Project Management

Training Course Summary: This 2-day program teaches you the tools and techniques to help you select the right projects for investment.

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