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Coaching for Maximum Performance On-Site Training

presented by PTR Training
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This interactive course will teach you the how-to’s of coaching for excellence

Workshop Description/Agenda

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Course Format
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Classroom Training
1 day
Managers and Supervisors
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Good leaders do not just manage employees, they coach performance. This interactive course will teach you the how-to’s of coaching for excellence. You’ll learn how to enhance core competencies of each employee and instill team values and concepts that make a championship team.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop effective coaching skills.
  • Communicate successfully with employees.
  • Set and communicate high expectations.
  • Build a team that works together and excels.
  • Identify and fix performance problems.
  • Effectively counsel and redirect when necessary.
  • Plan long-term performance objectives.

Course Agenda

  1. Compare critical characteristics of managers vs. leaders.
  2. Compare and balance the skills necessary for quality leadership.
  3. Review the 4 phases of team building.
  4. Assess your team’s level of success.
  5. Actively listen and assertively communicate.
  6. Communicate high expectations.
  7. Generate trust with employees.
  8. Apply 10 practical coaching techniques.
  9. Use the Cycle of Synergy to develop a cohesive unit.
  10. Assess your team's "Independence Level."
  11. Identify the correct leadership role for developing marquee players.
  12. Complete a case study on how to apply leadership roles.
  13. Logically analyze and correct performance problems.
  14. Address performance problems through performance feedback.
  15. Conduct a skill practice for fixing performance problems
  16. Apply procedures for documenting performance.
  17. Institute long-term performance using the 4 levels of commitment.

Who Should Attend

Managers and Supervisors

Additional Information

Training Provider: PTR Training

Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Coaching/Mentoring/Counseling

Training Course Summary: This interactive course will teach you the how-to’s of coaching for excellence

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