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Senior Leadership / Management Seminar On-Site Training

presented by HR Bones
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You will learn the more advanced techniques for managing your most problematic areas at work.

Workshop Description/Agenda

This seminar is for experienced, senior managers who would like to extend their skill set to the higher levels in order to meet the demands of the modern-day workplace. Here you will learn the more advanced techniques for managing your most problematic areas at work.

Just some of the issues to be covered:

  • How to deal with problem employees
  • How to use communication techniques that work
  • How to improve time management skills
  • How to negotiate with your employees, your boss, or anyone
  • How to avoid legal pitfalls of a senior player
  • How to recognize and deal with corporate politics- and thrive.
  • Learn teambuilding techniques that motivate employees.
  • Learn how to set goals and achieve them via time management systems.
  • Learn how to handle issues of unethical/illegal behavior.
  • Key stress relief strategies that can help you increase focus and productivity.
  • How to recognize and deal with different personality types.
  • How to clarify your role in the organization without conflict.
  • How to find and utilize benchmark data.

Note: this class is interactive and will have many real-life examples / case studies of situations that faced senior managers and players from various organizations. We discuss all the details, the end results and other options that might have been pursued.

Participants are encouraged to share any interesting experiences that they have had and how they were resolved.

In short, this seminar will cover all the key elements of management from a real time, realistic perspective. It will provide tools to help improve your game, where ever you need to improve it.

What our Customers are Saying...

"I love this training…it was all here and the seminar leader was super sharp”: HR Rep, Marquee Auto Parts Manufacturing Corp.,

Don’t be fooled!

All of our seminar leaders:

  • Carry the highest level of certification (Senior Professional in Human Resources or Senior Certified Professional).
  • Have a Master’s degree or higher in the field of Human Resources
  • Have at least 20 years of HR experience, with real world/real time corporate perspective.
  • Will field questions and issues from participants during breaks or the presentation regarding your specific issues or situations if you like--Free Consultation from an expert!
  • Our competition does not meet this standard. Anyone can read slides from a presentation!

Who Should Attend

Experienced senior managers

Additional Information

Training Provider: HR Bones

Course Topics: Customer Service Training > Customer Service Fundamentals

Training Course Summary: You will learn the more advanced techniques for managing your most problematic areas at work.

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